Upload from mobile app

Upload from mobile app
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The android mobile app is a great start for watching content and I know there are delays with Apple approving the iOS app.
The next step for me is for users to be able to record and upload from the mobile app.

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I installed this thinking it was a way to upload videos to Stream for Office 365. 


Disappointed it doesn't upload.

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Hope this rises up the voting ranks soon. I've a large mobile workforce that would create a much more dynamic experience and content available if they could upload videos.

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For schools working with BYOD it would be great to upload also within the app. At the moment the students can use the app for viewing content. But if they have to upload videos they have to use their browser instead of the app... Not really very comfortable. 

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Agree! One would just assuem that this functionality was there but just noticed it is not... Use case is to create video logs using the mobile but seems Yammer is the only alternative... 

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