Unlisted video option

Unlisted video option
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I think adding an "Unlisted" video option, similar to YouTube, would be a great feature to add.


There are some instances where videos are shared within groups where a working link is required for anyone who has it, without the need for the video to be discoverable on Stream. Adding individual users, or even groups, is not always an effective way of dealing with videos that aren't fully "published."


Has anyone else felt a need for this feature?

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Absolutely a great idea Brian!  We already have departments using "unlisted" YouTube videos and we would love for them to move to MS Stream.

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Fully agree on the need for this option.
We have several small bite-size videos that are used within other presentations, elearning etc.
They have no stand-alone value within themselves, as they depend on being shown in a specific context. These videos should be accessible but not searchable.

Stream's competitors are doing this :)


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Facing the same challenge at the moment.


Our training team wants to use Stream for adding video to our Wiki and Forms, but we are not allowed to until we make sure that noone stumbles upon the video bits out of context.


There is no group or team that reflects the audience of the videos, basically it's "if we show it to you, you are supposed to see it" - exactly what "unlisted" on YouTube does.