Define default sorting order for a channel and through URL

Define default sorting order for a channel and through URL
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Whenever a user visits a channel, the default sorting order is always based on Trending. It would be nice to be able to default to one of the other sorting options (Relevance, Publish date, Views, Likes).


Also, it would be nice if we could set the sorting order with a URL parameter. That way we can construct a URL that defines the sorting order for a specific channel when users click that URL.

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Hear hear. Not having the option to sort by name is a massive drawback. It would be much more useful to our orginization for sorting by name to be the default option. When sharing training videos in channels, the other sort options are mostly useless. 

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Cross post of my comments from this thread, as per Marc Mroz's request


It will be the same thing we all want. To SET the default sort order for a channel when it appears to the user...*somewhere other than on the teams site*


For instance, adding a channel as a Tab in Teams for folk to keep up with regular update videos needs us to be able to set the default view to be PUBLISHED so that the most recent video appears first etc. or display the view picker that you get on the main streams site, to allow users to switch views

Same with embedding to SharePoint pages.


"Trending" is useless in so many cases when presented separate from the actual Streams website, with no  option to either set a default or even have the view picker available.

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A need to add sort by Name and able to set that as default. We can provide a preceding number to the title.  But better if we can add meta-data like a sort order column to sort by that.




Need the ability to define the order in which a user sees videos. Or at the least, as others have mentioned, add a sort by name option.


Is there any reason why this function can not be added? The previous sort by features mentioned; "Relevance, Publish date, Views, Likes", are not helpful for arranging channels with training videos that need to be in a very specific order.



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We, too, would like to have the option of sorting videos in our organization by either name or time published. For further clarification, what I mean is that the channel creator decides the sorting scheme, not the viewers. It would be a nice feature for viewers though as well.


It would help in situations where you have let's say a 4-hour length video and break it down to 10 smaller videos. The order in which the viewer sees the content matters in this case. You want your viewers to see part 1 first, then part 2 and so on. If I have no way as a channel-owner to arrange the ordering, then the viewers will get lost trying to see the series of videos in the correct order.


Thank you.

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We want corporate videos to be embedded as a feed on our SharePoint Online home page for our intranet.  Users do not see the latest videos since the newest published videos are never trending right away.  I agree with others in this thread that default sorting (via channel setting or URL parameter) would be a great addition.  Hopefully this is easy to add and a quick win for the product team.


+1 for the providing the ability to define a sort order on videos!

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+1. We also need the option of sorting videos by name within a channel.


We have an Onboarding Channel with videos for new staff to watch. The order of the content is important as the videos build on one another.

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We really need to sort by something other than "trending." By default, that would mean that likely the first video to display would also be the oldest. Not very helpful, when are users are expecting to see the most recent content first. 


Agree with everyone else. The inability to determine the sort order really limits the usefulness of channels. In some cases, I've resorted to embedding single videos in SharePoint pages so that I can put them in the order I want them viewed.

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Vitally important that in our organisation we can display the channel in the intended viewing order.  In our case, that's alphabetical as we preface the each video title with a number - 01 Introduction, 02 Getting Started etc.  That should be an absolute minimum.


Having the option for a channel to also display videos in reverse chronological order (i.e. newest to oldest) would also be useful, but it should be selectable by the channel owner as the default.


Users can then choose to sort the channel in other ways if they desire, but for us, that is less important.  Please fix this soon.

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Add sort by name is essential - seems crazy its not there already.


A default sort order for a channel and group would be really really useful

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 Alan Smith or anyone else from the community, is there any update on this please?

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We really need this feature.

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It seems like common sense that we should be able to sort videos using name, at least.  Ideally we should have a metadata driven sort order.

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I just started posting training videos on Streams for our organization.  I created a channel per training topic and they are recorded in 1 hour sessions.  So I put the session number in the video title.  Our training videos now appear to be in a completely random order, but our users have to watch the videos in order of the sessions. 


Please add sort options that the Channel creator can set as default, but also allow the viewer to change the sort order.


Yes I am new to SharePoint it is fantastic however first video set I wanted to up load were training videos 


They really do need to be in order


Glad this is under review  

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Feature much needed! If you enable us to do that can someone guide me on how to set up an URL parameter? I have never done that before.

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The ability to sort doesn't seem like much of a feature request, it seems more like bug to get fixed. How much time was put into implementing sort by trend? You'd think sort by filename and/or date would be implemented first. This is frustrating. Please fix.

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+1 here!  

The ability to make playlists within a channel would be awesome.  

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So glad other have discovered this problem as well and are pushing MS. It appears we are not getting a response from MS however!


Its very difficult to take the training videos in sequence  if the order is randomized by "trending'. Had to set up a YouTube channel just so uses could navigate the training.


Still waiting on any action from Microsoft on this. Apparently the work is MacroHard though or it'd be done by now. It's difficult to promote Stream with glaring omission like this--even with all the other cool features.

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PLEASE add the ability to sort by title of video. Our training videos need to be presented in the right order, and it's really dumb to have "trending" be the default in an enterprise setting.

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I'm assuming Microsoft monitors and replays to these posts. Do they ever respond?

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PLEASE sort by NAME! 


Add some sort of any kind... Too much blah, blah about Streams and after five minutes it is evident it is a half-cooked idea at best.


As a Trainer, I really need people to watch Video Tutorials in sequence, so being able to set a default sequence by name or a meta data tag is essential.  I currently number the videos within the name and add a description 'Recommend the videos be watched in numerical order'.  But this is just a 'work around'... I would like to see this functionality sooner rather than later.




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