Deeper Stream Analytics

Deeper Stream Analytics
 Jan 3, 2018 7:27:17 AM
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I am a big fan of the security and employee engagement that Stream offers as opposed to O365 Video or Youtube as a hosting platform for internal content.  However, I'm really disappointed with the depth of available analytics and would like to see the following stat points added to the platform:


- average percentage of the video watched, or a graphical breakdown like we had with O365 video

- geographical breakdown of views

- views over time

- playback location (embed vs. native)

- traffic source (where they came from to watch)

- Playback device


Ideally, I'd like to have a dashboard where I could see videos that I have admin access to (not just that I've uploaded) so that I could compare one video to another or see trends over time, that could be filtered by videos I've uploaded, Channels, and teams.


This would be a really valuable tool for us if Microsoft will do more than just dip its toe into video.

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Agreed, we can't launch Stream as it stands. There seems a lack of any reporting and no integration with SharePoint search, which is key for us with a SharePoint intranet.


At the moment there's no benefit to moving to Stream compared to storing videos in a SP library, which gives better stats and returns items in a search.

Agree - statistics are essential.

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A few more things that would would look to report on...


  • Upload date
  • Views
  • Number of people it reached
  • Who has viewed, by dept etc.
  • Device
  • Average view time
  • Total View time
  • Comments/likes/feedback
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Ditto above and +1 for Who watched the video.  We need to track by user to ensure they are watching 'required' training videos.

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greed, we need the ability to see who watched the video and how long. 

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Engagement Numbers Please!

"average percentage of the video watched, or a graphical breakdown like we had with O365 video"

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