Arrange Videos in a Playlist

Arrange Videos in a Playlist
 Jun 20, 2017 1:58:19 AM
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I'm uploading a set of training videos and I'd like them to be presented in order. I'm putting them in a specific channel but the sort options on the channel don't seem to have a way to do that.


Either a Playlist or the ability to sort by name in a channel would be helpful

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having just one layer of organization on the channel level, is just unpractical. having the ability to create playlists just like in youtube would be a no brainer for those who intend to publish a lot. which I do, but I can't without at least one more level of organization.


I agree wholeheartedly. As a training multimedia developer, I want to build bite-sized instructional videos per topic and then use the platform to arrange them into one or more playlists as needed. That will cut down on the time to publish and promote reuse of content without encouraging our teams to republish the same content packaged in a bunch of different ways.

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We already have playlists (watchlists) but we really need public playlists or playlists per channel as stated above.  So many companies want to use videos or now stream as an education platform for their company (I know of quite a few that I consult with) and there are some basic features that need to be added (watchlists, ability to attach documents as metadata, public/channel playlists, and the ability to download).

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@clechner watchlists don't have the ability to sort the media in a specific order, or even sort the videos by name which would be enough to accomplish what I need.


Modules need to be delivered in order without the user having to waste tme scrolling to find the next video.

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@sysnickm right,, those capabilities don't exist right now..... but perhaps in the future?


I noticed a related suggestion here:


I think these could be merged?

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We really need this feature especially when it come to correctly sequencing a series of training/guide/learning path videos.
Most training and learning institution will need this.

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Major fail, still no playlist ability. I will continue to use YouTube and/or other solutions. 

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We see channels as playlists since a video can exist in multiple channels but I've already done one demonstration of that where a two part video was dispayed in the wrong order. Being able to order the items will definitely be something our users will ask for.

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Just started using Stream within my organisation, and we are just about to turn away from it for this reason. We need a way to put together and order playlist of short instructional video.  Sorry major fail not to have this feature form the start.


Also, Management of Channels is a little confusing, with no ability to directly upload into a channel.


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We are in the need of building a massive training program for our orginization. The ablity not to have playlist is forcing us to move outside off Office 365 to accomplish this. The entire reason why we chose Office 365 was to keep everything centrilized. I hope they make a change quickly.

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Agree 100%


The sucess to any playlist is ordering, or filtering based on a list requirement.


Even if it was using the same way the Content query web parts work: List by title/A-z/Number .. Where ....

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When is the solution coming? Stream is useless without it :(

a workaround would be to use a SharePoint list to create playlists.  You can use columns to define a playlist name, url column to store link to video and a number column for sorting.  Then use a SharePoint modern site or communication site and add the list to the page.  You could also create views foe each playlist name or just group on that column.  You could also add an image to store the preview.  In the future if this feature is available you can just swap the web parts out.

if your can create your own framework webpart, you could show the video previews instead of just the link.

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@Alan Marshall That sounds like a good idea. Does anyone have a guide or maybe something similiar for this? I would be very interested, I work for a public school and I've been trying to accomplish something similiar for the kids.


I was embeding the stream channel in Sharepoint but I think Alan's idea will be better because then we can arrange the videos correctly.

Yup, this needs to be a thing. In fact, I assumed it already was because... why wouldn't it be? And I've been speaking on Stream on user groups/conferences and saying "YouTube-like with channels and playlists". Shame on me for not confirming that first, but I figured for a modern video player it was a given. I'm putting stream to work for a client right now, but looks like I'm going to have to hard link to each video from a help page on SharePoint rather than let them get the full Stream experience.


On another note, why are Stream ideas posted here and not UserVoice? It's really frustrating when Microsoft pushes and pulls information via these multiple platforms.


My take on this was the ability to unlist videos, then with links and embeds you could asemble them in order elsewhere

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It's nice the videos can be sorted by published date. If we're very careful with our curation we can psuedo-replicate a playlist by sorting our channel. However, this falls down for a couple or reasons.


1. You cannot currently edit the published date. (

2. You cannot directly link to a channel pre-sorted by published date.


I don't want to build functionality on top of Stream to make it a useable Learning Management System. It just needs a feature like this or perhaps a workaround like I've proposed above.


Thanks for your consideration.

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Yes please!


This should have been part of the beta test.  It is a major time waster for teams to have to search for videos that are not in any normal sort order.

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We have multiple customers, education, waiting for this feature to become reality. It would boost cloud usage and get rid of local streaming servers. 


 Being able to order videos in a channel is a must have for trainings

Same here.  Really need to be able to control the order of the videos before this will be a worthwhile solution for us.

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Really need to have a playlist feature added to Video > Stream.

This is a really glaring omission with these products.

Has anyone ever heard of YouTube? If not, you should REALLY check that site out for feature ideas.


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I had good hopes for Stream, but a playlist is a must for our company as well. Will wait a little and see if something changes. Otherwice im using folders in our local server or youtube and scrap Stream. 

This is the same reason I (who work in the marketing department and need to send people raw interview footage in order) and my colleague (who works in training and needs to send people video lists in order) rejected Office 365 Video. I would appreciate some statement from Microsoft on an estimated ETA for this.


Just started posting more video on stream and have run into the same situation. We're also trying to embed a channel in SharePoint and the videos appear to be showing in the order of most watched at the top. It would really be great to be able to manually set this, otherwise, you have to embed individual videos in a page--not ideal.

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The lack of this feature, or even sort alphanumerically, is the main reason why we are likely to go with another solution.


The alphanumeric sorting is a no brainer. I am dumbfounded how this feature was skipped. Web 101.


Still nothing and what is really troublesome there is no acknowledgment of this and nothing on the O365 roadmap, why?

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We definitely needs this feature.  Please add soon!