Arrange Video as playlist with table of contents

Arrange Video as playlist with table of contents
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We are planning to use Stream for E-Learning for our employees.

Right now there is no way to organize our videos as playlist or add them to different chapters, sections or using the table of contents feature such as or has. See attached screenshot or visit this link here


The only solution for us now is to create a SharePoint page names, for example, #XXX course name#, then create a table of content with different sections and topics and embed one by one video to this SharePoint page. This is not a convenient solution for us.


We are using an LMS platform, but Stream doesn't let us embed our Stream's video to our LMS system neither.


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100% agree - Channels are not a solution to organising videos!


Look at Youtube - most channels organise videos in to seperate playlists within the channel. This is what Stream needs to do.


For example, a Human Resources channel would have playlists for 'Health at Work', 'Personal Development' etc.  The IT channel would have playlists for Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint etc.


This is the no. 1 issue preventing our organisation in adopting Stream.

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There is already a top suggestion for the 'Playlist' feature, should probably direct all traffic to that request instead:

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