Is Microsoft Stream API api available now in 2019 ?

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I am keen to integrate MS Stream rest and have been waiting since last year, Purpose is to only show the content of the User MS Stream account. I went through many related forum links where I found that API would be available till 2018 Q4 that is passed but still, I did not get any documentation and my comment 's reply related to API, If I missed the documentation then please tell me else then when API support would be available ? and if is there any way to achieve my purpose, Please Help.

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It is on the roadmap. Updated in March to say CY Q2 2020 on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard  is there any other way to achieve it ?

Hi @vish888

@Marc Mroz or @Vishal Sood may be able to give some insights into an alternative way to achieve what you need.

Best, Chris

ok thanks for your quick response @Christopher Hoard 

@vish888 Did you make any progress here? Stream is essentially useless as a video platform without the ability to do simple things like pull a feed from a channel via API. How Stream even shipped without this basic functionality is beyond me.

@Christopher Hoard 


What API categories it would be?


Thank you

Hi @Kevin_Chen1

Unknown I am afraid. There is no information apart from what is given in the Roadmap item

Best, Chris
Not yet, i left it and waiting for introducing the api document by microsoft, if you did any progress then please let me know :)

@Christopher Hoard 


Are there any alternative ways available to use Stream via APIs? We have now had our 3rd Office 365 Video outage and each one presents a real headache and weeks of impact for our users. Our current downtime is 12 days and counting. We keep being told by Microsoft Support that we should migrate to Stream but without access to any APIs we are stuck and we continue to be use a Video platform Microsoft don't seem very enthusiastic to support :( 


"@Marc Mroz or @Vishal Sood may be able to give some insights into an alternative way to achieve what you need."

Hi @Craig Stanley,

Completely understand the frustration and it's great to hear your thoughts. Keep an eye on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, specifically

Stream Public API's are not expected to come Q4 CY2020. That is some time away, however they are definitely coming. It will be great to have you move past the point you are now and not have this issue again. I feel the urgency on this one too.

Best, Chris
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