Originally published by Ashish Chawla, Principal Program Manager, on Monday, September 19, 2016


Over the last few weeks one common request we have heard from Admins is that they want to be able to manage Microsoft Stream. As a first step towards that, this blog post covers how Admins can enable or disable Microsoft Stream for everyone in their organization.


Sign up employees so that they don’t have to

Admins can now sign up employees by running simple PowerShell commands to assign licenses to all users in the organization. Once the user has been assigned a license they can simply sign in and start using Microsoft Stream.


A more detailed walkthrough of the steps needed are covered in article Enable Microsoft Stream for everyone in the organization. At a high level, it’s about three steps that only take a few minutes:

  • Use “ Connect-MsolService ” to connecting to your tenant
  • Getting the list of unlicensed users and getting the SKU’s which are available in your tenant using “ Get-MsolUser -All -UnlicensedUsersOnly
  • Use “ Set-MsolUserLicense ” to assign licenses to the unlicensed users

As users get license for Microsoft Stream they can sign in at Microsoft Stream and start uploading and sharing videos across the organization.


Disable Microsoft Stream

We have also heard feedback that in some other cases, Admins need more time to evaluate Microsoft Stream before they can have people in the company start using it. For those cases, please refer to another article, Blocking sign-ups for Microsoft Stream in the organization.


Thank you for your feedback and please keep it coming!