Originally published by Ashish Chawla, Principal Program Manager, on Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Microsoft Stream is a global service and is already available widely for customers across the globe. In our on-going commitment to support local government and other needs, we continue to add more regions to the list of regions available for storing customer data. Towards this, earlier at Microsoft Ignite 2017 in Sep 2017, we announced the option to store Microsoft Stream data in 3 new regions - Australia, India and UK. Starting Sep 15, 2017, any tenants that sign up will automatically be able to benefit from these new regions. For your content to be stored in one of these regions, your billing address in Active Directory should be from the region.


What does this mean for customers already using Microsoft Stream in these new regions?

At this time, your content would continue to remain in the original region. To know what region your content is stored in,  you can click on the “?” in your Stream UI and then click on “About Microsoft Stream” and see where your data is stored.



How can I request my data to be moved to one of the new regions

At this time, we don’t support moving data from one region to another. At a future date, when this option is available, we would be able to support this request. Please stay tuned via our blog.


What do I need to do to have my data stored in one of these new regions?

Microsoft Stream will automatically store your data in one of these regions if you organization started using Stream after Sep 15th. The region is chosen based on the billing address specified in Azure Active Directory. There is no action needed from you other than to confirm your billing details reflect the right address.