Will Stream show me who logged in to watch the video?

Nicole Bird
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We want to be able to track who watched training videos we post to our SharePoint Employee Intranet.  Not just how many times a video was watched, but capture their login.  Is / will that be a feature?

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Currently, Microsoft Stream has the ability to track view events.  As for the deeper analytics, we currently do not have deeper analytics on a per video level.


We will be eventually be adding a trend of views/vistors overtime along with a drop off chart showing which part of a video people watched (and didn't watch). This first pass will be to match what we have already in O365 Video so we can sooner transition customers from O365 Video to Stream.
For "Who viewed the video" we hear this quite often but aren't working on it yet. When we pick up this project in the future we'll have to be careful on how we build it and what we expose. There are some restrictions in EU work council's on what can be tracked about individuals.  
It would be helpful if you added your ideas around deeper statistics and who watched a video as new ideas in the Stream ideas forum.  https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Stream-Ideas/idb-p/StreamIdeas

Please consider an API or Connector function to send signals to an LMS upon completion.

@Eli Robillard please add this request as an idea to the Ideas page (https://aka.ms/streamideas)