Offline Encrypted Playback like Netflix?

Billy Sheng
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I'm Billy from Promomash an LA based company who is on the Microsoft suite and tried Stream earlier this year!

I was recently watching the Office with my gf when I marveled at Netflix's ability to allow you to download an episode for offline playback later. It made me think how we could adapt this into training videos we could have our team watch when traveling. Where is your team on this technology and what is the technology behind having an offline file "expire" or authenticate as well?




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Hey there! Glad you are looking into watching your training videos! We are targeting this feature via our mobile app's "On the Go" functionality that will let you download all your Stream Videos for offline playback.  Check it (and all our other features) out in our public roadmap: https://aka.ms/streamroadmap 

Hello Sally,
Thank you for your response, could you briefly touch upon the technology that your team is using to do this and how it defers from other services? I guess the only other one I know of is Netflix!

Hi Billy,


We're planning to ship iOS and Android mobile apps later this summer. The offline download functionality will be supported via HTTPS download of encrypted fragmented MP4. Content will be secured via storage of content keys in the secure key service on each platform (KeyChain on iOS and KeyStore on Android). On offline playback, we'll fetch the keys to decrypt and playback the content on the fly.


The mobile apps will be available in a preview prior to shipping later this summer. If your organization is interested in beta testing, please send me a direct message. Thanks!




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