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  • , 01-31-2017

    Hello Group,


    we are using Office365 and Dynamics365.

    Staffhub looks very promising for many of our employees.


    When will it have time and attendence functionality?

    Our people in the field and everybody else in the company could clock in and clock out with th

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    , 08-14-2017

    "Making all users as admin" is what I am currently doing for my small team in the airport.  Some users immediately asked me "so I am an admin now so I can make changes to my teammates' schedule and mess it up a bit for fun" ...


    My team in the airport

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  • , 08-11-2017

    I just wrote a blog series on StaffHub, and will continue to add to it over time. This series covers basic items such as setup, automated provisioining, what the different employee and manager experiences look like and more.  If you have additional questi

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  • , 01-13-2017

    Great to see StaffHub being released to general availability.



    I have some questions if anyone can answer:


    1. Will it appear in the Office 365 tiles and/launcher?

    2. Is the rota/calendar data viewbale in a user's Outlook/Exchang

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    , 08-11-2017

    I just wrote a blog series on StaffHub, perhaps it will answer your questions. If you have additional questions, please let me know and I'd be happy to write a blog post to answer it (with full screenshots and details). Link to StaffHub section of my

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  • , 01-31-2017

    With StaffHub now being GA, I would have suspected a reporting tool of some sort be it in StaffHub Portal or connection to PowerBI. Is this coming soon?

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    , 08-10-2017
    Just getting an API that would allow us to pull data and push data into StaffHub would be awesome. That would enable us to integrate it with the HRIS for teams so that the manager doesn't have to create and manage their team, but could have them... Read more
  • , 02-12-2017

    In which regions is Staffhub data held?

    Is it constructed like teams where uploaded files would use the tenants SharePoint and chat the tenants Skype or the data retained in a single location and if so what is the region?

    (We have data sovereignty challenge

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    , 08-10-2017

    That makes it a bit complicated then. If you have a UK tenant then SharePoint data is locatedin the UK but teams is stored in the EU region. So that implies Staffhub is scattered over two regions. 


    I wish Microsoft would update the data map to cover

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