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  • , 02-06-2017

    We are trying to sign into Staffhub on the web site. We put in our Offie 365 email account and go to sign in, it sign's us in, refreshes, flashes and then says you have successfully signed out. Are other experiancing the similar issues?

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    , 03-22-2017

    We are anxiously awaiting this to be released to GCC customers as well.  We are using a 3rd party cloud app at this time and would like to bring it back into the Office 365 umbrella by using StaffHub.  Any updates on GCC certification would be appreciated.  Thank you!

  • , 03-17-2017


    I want to put our StaffHub rota up on one of the video wall screens in our Support Area.

    Now, we have to log-in to view the StaffHub rota and we have to log-in using one of our Office365 accounts.

    I don't really want us to log-in using a 'real' persons a

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    , 03-20-2017

    Hi Steven,
    Thanks for the suggestion! 
    You can influence our feature priorities by submitting your idea through the feedback mechanism and voting on others' ideas. To submit a new idea on the web, click on the Login icon and select "Suggest a feature". Thanks for your interest in StaffHub, StaffHub Support

  • , 02-06-2017
    We are evaluating several investments across the main feature areas (scheduling, communication, information sharing). What kind of capabilities do you feel would be of most value in the short to medium term (next 2-4 months or so)?
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    , 03-03-2017

    Hi Adam,


    I am currently testing StaffHub for our organization, it would be great if I could change the view to specifically see Teams or groups ie.  Instead of a view showing employees and which Unit they are working in for the day, I could change the view to show the Unit's and which employees are working those Units each day.

  • , 02-24-2017

    I have seen a few posts but no official answers. StaffHubs seems awesome but there appears to be some quirks. A team CAN be created in StaffHub with or without the ability to create a group. Without an O365 Group, a team will not have access to the files

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  • , 01-13-2017


    Just started exploring MS Staffhub ... interesting tool ... but ..
    When I create a "Team/Group" in Staffhub it creates an Office 365 group ... so far so good ... but when the name is already existing in the Office 365 groups ... it doesn't give a mess

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    , 02-22-2017

    Hoping to have the fix rolled out completely by the end of next week

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