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I want to put our StaffHub rota up on one of the video wall screens in our Support Area.

Now, we have to log-in to view the StaffHub rota and we have to log-in using one of our Office365 accounts.

I don't really want us to log-in using a 'real' persons a

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Hi Steven,
Thanks for the suggestion! 
You can influence our feature priorities by submitting your idea through the feedback mechanism and voting on others' ideas. To subm

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I have seen a few posts but no official answers. StaffHubs seems awesome but there appears to be some quirks. A team CAN be created in StaffHub with or without the ability to create a group. Without an O365 Group, a team will not have access to the files

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Just started exploring MS Staffhub ... interesting tool ... but ..
When I create a "Team/Group" in Staffhub it creates an Office 365 group ... so far so good ... but when the name is already existing in the Office 365 groups ... it doesn't give a mess

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StaffHub is also ignoring any global Tenant settings for blocking Group creation.   If you are trying to control who can and can not create groups.  MS keeps adding new a

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I think StaffHub as other services does not provided a way to control this, so the only way to go is just being carefull when creating a Team/Group in StaffHub or creatin... Read More

Hello Group,


we are using Office365 and Dynamics365.

Staffhub looks very promising for many of our employees.


When will it have time and attendence functionality?

Our people in the field and everybody else in the company could clock in and clock out with th

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We have heard feedback from several customers around the desired to have clock in/out capabilities in StaffHub. We are looking at how we can support this functionality, b

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In which regions is Staffhub data held?

Is it constructed like teams where uploaded files would use the tenants SharePoint and chat the tenants Skype or the data retained in a single location and if so what is the region?

(We have data sovereignty challenge

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StaffHub data is held in your Office 365 tenant, as it effectively sits on top of Office 365 Groups.
It uses the Teams service for chat, the Groups (aka SharePoint) docume... Read More
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Microsoft is pleased to introduce Microsoft StaffHub—the go-to app for deskless workers to manage their life at work. With Microsoft StaffHub, it’s easy to create and manage shift schedules for your team and provide relevant information needed for the job

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Good app for deskless workers. I have been using from couple of months via (web & mobile). Only one thing which I could not find is how to set the alert for employees & f

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Q1. Every member in StaffHub must have o365 account and are in same tenant?

Q2. In blog's QnA, it says only Enterprise subscription(E1, E3, E5...) are allowed to have Staf

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@Lana - will there be a tile for staffhub in the Office 365 app launcher in the future?

Is there a designated community or space setup yet for this product?  And is there an announced planned ETA for general release?

Will it be possible to set MAM-Rules for the StaffHub App like other Apps (Sharepoint, OneDrive) in Intune for Mobile Apps. It would be great to set an App-Pin with this rules.

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It's most likely in development. Check the UserVoice site for StaffHub as it's probably already on there as a request.
Hi there,

Today we tried out Staffhub a little more.
And asked ourselfes if an employee can easily contact a collegue who uses a computer with teams on it.

For us it would be great for a service advisor in a car dealership to get in touch with the technician... Read More
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That would be ideal yes. The StaffHub "chat" functionality actually uses the Teams service, so hopefully when Teams moves to General Availability or soon thereafter that ... Read More
Thanks for the question. I'd love to understand what sorts of scenarios you'd like to accomplish with Powershell management.
This would be great, but many other apps doesn't have it.

I have a client that already uses Kronos and this could be a very good tool for them. @Adam Jung can you or someone else tell me where can I find more information about how StaffHub will work with Kronos?

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We are still defining the full scope of integration with Kronos, including timing for when the integration will be available to customers. We don't have details to share

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We are also interested in learning more about Kronos integration for our organization.



If a user creates a StaffHub and he/she does not have access to create Groups, how can an admin then setup a Group for that particular StaffHub later if so requested?


Also can creation of StaffHub be restricted?




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If you restrict Groups creation via Azure AD Policy I assume you will get an error when working with StuffHub as happens with other services that relies in Office 365 Gro... Read More
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With StaffHub now being GA, I would have suspected a reporting tool of some sort be it in StaffHub Portal or connection to PowerBI. Is this coming soon?

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We are excited to announce a StaffHub AMA!


On Monday, February 6, 2017 the Microsoft Tech Community will host a StaffHub ‘Ask Microsoft Anything’ (AMA) from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. PT / 4–5 p.m. GT in the StaffHub AMA group. Add the event to your calend

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Microsoft StaffHub Engineer, Rich Halbert demonstrates the new StaffHub App for deskless workers. From how workers can gain access to their work schedule, communicate with others in their team and review important information; to how managers can easily c

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Great Video!!! StaffHub explained very detailed!