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Hi all,

Does anyone know if you need to have an office365 mailbox to be able to run StaffHub?

If the user does not have an Office365 mailbox will it restrict anything in StaffHub?

I can't find to many KB's that give me full requirements or pre-reqs etc

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To use StaffHub you need at least a F1 license which comes with an Exchange mailbox, so is there a reason you wouldn't have a mailbox already?

This page explained that Sta... Read More

Need to share published shift with manager or other groups but not in excel or pdf format. I need them to give feedback or suggestions on shift scheduled and I can approve the change requested. Or my manager can view the shift scheduled by me for better s

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Like with my other response, it would be worthwhile posting this to the UserVoice site so the product group can get the feedback and others can vote on the suggestion: https://staffhub.uservoice.com.

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I am scheduling the shift Bi-Weekly, but can't able to view Bi-Weekly display. Its useful to view the whole scheduled shift in single view.

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I'd suggest posting that as an idea to the StaffHub UserVoice site: https://staffhub.uservoice.com

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What's the best way to handle Teams and StaffHub?  We use StaffHub to manage rotas, but we use Teams for collaborative working.  Is there a way to bring these two tools together for a nice and easy one-stop-shop for all staff needs?

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Teams and StaffHub both sit on top of Groups.
So you can in some way connect them, but it's not ideal.
Effectively if you create the Group first by creating a new team in S... Read More
I was looking for exactly the same thing. Adding a tab or connector to StaffHub in Microsoft Teams would be great.

In a column just to the right of the team member name; how can I add an additional column for each employee to show what fleet vehicle they are using that day?  I am attempting to organize a fleet of around 150 vehicles

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That would require something more than just the built-in group/team member listing.
You'd need something like a SharePoint list, but that doesn't really integrate in.
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Best Response confirmed by Loryan Strant (MVP)

Anyway to schedule an export of the CSV to a SP location or even better SQL?  I've been trying to use Flow to email a PDF attachment schedule to my teams, but I can't seem to figure that one out either. 


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In StaffHub, can you import a schedule or rota via csv or xlsx?

Our Rota is quite customised, its already set out on a xlsx document and ideally i don't want to have to start from scratch in this app

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Hi Tom, We do have the ability to import a schedule via Excel. It's currently in private beta and requires a specified format so you might need to do some conversion of y... Read More

Hi, I have a few questions around StaffHub functionality.

Our current staff plan is of course based around and Excel Spreadsheet that does all kinds of things in a very complicate looking way.

I've tried to mimic some of our features within staffhub and hav

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Hi Ivan – 


A few points back, hopefully these help with your questions.


All shifts can be customer color coded, select "edit shift" and use the "color" drop down to s

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Just evaluting staffhub for my team.  

1. I've created some colour-coded shifts that appear in a drop-down.  How do I edit or delete these entries?  A few have been created in error.   What I'd like to see is editing one of the entries dynamically updat

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Thanks for the feedback John. I'd encourage you to use our feedback forum to post your suggestions and/or vote on existing ideas. It allows us to better understand which

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Great to see StaffHub being released to general availability.




I have some questions if anyone can answer:


1. Will it appear in the Office 365 tiles and/launcher?

2. Is the rota/calendar data viewbale in a user's Outlook/Exchang

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I'm a member of two StaffHub teams, but still I cannot see the StaffHub tile in our app launcher. According to the conversation in this thread from early 2017, it should

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I just wrote a blog series on StaffHub, perhaps it will answer your questions. If you have additional questions, please let me know and I'd be happy to write a blog post

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Just a quick note on the app. Until it turns up on the launcher you can add it by yourself!



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Just a quick note on the app. Until it turns up on the launcher you can add it by yourself


Another question would be why there is no dedicated Community for StaffHub related discussions?

I'm trying out staff hub for our hostel as a general scheduling app, and looks great the apps are great. However the adding of employees doesn't fit in our model. We have a lot of rotation in our staff, we have staff that only stays for 2 months maybe 1 m

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You could buy licenses and give them generic accounts, then just rename the account every time you re-assign it.
StaffHub is an additional benefit of Office 365, not a sta... Read More


I know that only team managers can upload files to the "Files Team" section, but if a read-only team's member access the sharepoint document library (via sharepoint online) and try to upload or delete any document, he is able to do it! And these change

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Can someone tell me if it's normal this thing?!

Hello Group,


we are using Office365 and Dynamics365.

Staffhub looks very promising for many of our employees.


When will it have time and attendence functionality?

Our people in the field and everybody else in the company could clock in and clock out with th

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One work around is making all users admins and they can edit their shift, however the danger is they could delete the team.  So a permission for "Edit own shifts" would b

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We have heard feedback from several customers around the desired to have clock in/out capabilities in StaffHub. We are looking at how we can support this functionality, b

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I just wrote a blog series on StaffHub, and will continue to add to it over time. This series covers basic items such as setup, automated provisioining, what the different employee and manager experiences look like and more.  If you have additional questi

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With StaffHub now being GA, I would have suspected a reporting tool of some sort be it in StaffHub Portal or connection to PowerBI. Is this coming soon?

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Just getting an API that would allow us to pull data and push data into StaffHub would be awesome. That would enable us to integrate it with the HRIS for teams so that th... Read More

I second that! I know as an admin I can see the SH teams in the admin center under groups (thankfully I put a prefix on them). It would be nice to have admin and usage re

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In which regions is Staffhub data held?

Is it constructed like teams where uploaded files would use the tenants SharePoint and chat the tenants Skype or the data retained in a single location and if so what is the region?

(We have data sovereignty challenge

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StaffHub data is held in your Office 365 tenant, as it effectively sits on top of Office 365 Groups.
It uses the Teams service for chat, the Groups (aka SharePoint) docume... Read More
Best Response confirmed by Aengus Moran (New Contributor)

Is it possible to input how much vacation time a user has and have it decrement based on their time off requests?

This would be useful as a manager when deciding if I should approve/deny time off.

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Hi Michael,

We don't currently support this functionality yet, but it is something we're thinking about. Please visit our UserVoice site to submit and vote on ideas! Here

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I have seen a few posts but no official answers. StaffHubs seems awesome but there appears to be some quirks. A team CAN be created in StaffHub with or without the ability to create a group. Without an O365 Group, a team will not have access to the files

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Agreed, a few months ago I deleted 2 testing stuffhub teams by deleting the Office 365 group. I just now realized that the staffhub teams still exist. I logged into staff... Read More



In addition to the normal shift we have employees that are doing overtime. Could you integrate a way to add the overtime to the schedule and a way to calculate the total like banking hours. In addition to that it would be great to have a way for them

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We have just received the notification that our StaffHub Trial Preview has run out. We are fine with this as, we want to purchase the Service however, I only see the option of Pricing and Plans within the Staff Hub Site, there is no option to add this as

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Thanks for the question. I'd love to understand what sorts of scenarios you'd like to accomplish with Powershell management.
This would be great, but many other apps doesn't have it.


I want to put our StaffHub rota up on one of the video wall screens in our Support Area.

Now, we have to log-in to view the StaffHub rota and we have to log-in using one of our Office365 accounts.

I don't really want us to log-in using a 'real' persons a

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Hi Steven,
Thanks for the suggestion! 
You can influence our feature priorities by submitting your idea through the feedback mechanism and voting on others' ideas. To subm

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Just started exploring MS Staffhub ... interesting tool ... but ..
When I create a "Team/Group" in Staffhub it creates an Office 365 group ... so far so good ... but when the name is already existing in the Office 365 groups ... it doesn't give a mess

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StaffHub is also ignoring any global Tenant settings for blocking Group creation.   If you are trying to control who can and can not create groups.  MS keeps adding new a

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I think StaffHub as other services does not provided a way to control this, so the only way to go is just being carefull when creating a Team/Group in StaffHub or creatin... Read More

Microsoft is pleased to introduce Microsoft StaffHub—the go-to app for deskless workers to manage their life at work. With Microsoft StaffHub, it’s easy to create and manage shift schedules for your team and provide relevant information needed for the job

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Good app for deskless workers. I have been using from couple of months via (web & mobile). Only one thing which I could not find is how to set the alert for employees & f

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Q1. Every member in StaffHub must have o365 account and are in same tenant?

Q2. In blog's QnA, it says only Enterprise subscription(E1, E3, E5...) are allowed to have Staf

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@Lana - will there be a tile for staffhub in the Office 365 app launcher in the future?

Is there a designated community or space setup yet for this product?  And is there an announced planned ETA for general release?