Updating File Management for SharePoint Modern Document Libraries

Continuing our rollout of copying and moving files between SharePoint and OneDrive, we’re announcing the ongoing expansion of this capability to allow copying files within SharePoint Team Sites, from one Team Site to another; from Team Sites back to OneDrive for Business; and from OneDrive for Business to another OneDrive for Business library. 


Modern file management is built for modern document libraries.   Once you select a file inside SharePoint, you’ll see the Copy to option appear on the command bar.  Copy to uses intelligence from Microsoft Graph to display your most frequently used sites, along with the option to browse to sites you’re following.   Modern Copy/Move lets you copy single files, multiple files, or whole folders, preserving metadata.




File Copy destination panel

These enhancements will be rolled out starting in mid-January 2017 for First Release, followed as soon as possible by general availability to all tenants.   Files are still limited to a maximum size of 50MB.  Later in 2017, we’ll be removing this restriction, as well as permitting you to move files with full fidelity version history among OneDrive and SharePoint destinations. 

More information

Please visit our support article “Copy files and folders from One Drive for Business to a SharePoint site  ” for more detailed technical information.  Also, please share your feedback here on the Tech Community or on http://sharepoint.uservoice.com.  Thank you.


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This is great. Will this allow you to keep modification date of file or after the move will it be stamped with a new date. This timing is very cool. I was just working with a client on Friday and we used ShareGate to move 12 files from one SPO Doc Library to another SPO Doc library. This modern approch is great! 


I think the above does not refer to the ability of cross-site-collection copy. As far as I tried, the items are now be able to copy / move only to the subsites. Will it be able to copy items across site collections in the future?

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Great feature! Thanks for the update. We are using IE as our main browser. According to this site ( https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Download-OneDrive-files-and-folders-5c7397b7-19c7-4893-84fe...) the download button doesn't work with IE. Will that be fixed? Is there a possibility or setting to hide the download button or can you hide it in IE as long as it's not supported?
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 @Onuma Masaru, I really hope that your tests only are true due to the fact that this feature is still being rolled out. Would be really surprised if cross site collection move/copy isn't supported (including version history and unchanged modified/modified by fields). Especially as it's not mentioned as a limitation here or on the office support site. It would be a huge limitation as modern site provisioning with O365 groups means that new sites are broken into different site collections. We shall see :)

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Is there any plan for the copy to functionality to ever use the "Send to" location set up in the SharePoint admin center? It would be nice if this were made as at least an option in addition to the others.

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Will the upcoming Move To feature between sites retain sharing links? i.e. will there be an improvement over simply copying the files to the new location and then deleting the originals?

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Much more intuitive than the old Send To, but we can't seem to copy to a document library on another site. No issues with a document library on the same site. Is this in general availability yet or still only First Release tenants? If in First Release, then GA probably shouldn't even be able to navigate to other sites. If GA it would be great to get an error message a bit more informative than the old "Something went wrong".

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That "Something went wrong" seems to be a bug - I have an open case with the Premier support, which has been now escalated to the product group.

Btw. for me it works properly if the destination is a document library on a different site collection.

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After Copy To an O365 Group from OneDrive, I do not see Version History in the menu commands in the O365 Group that I just copied a file to. I have to get out of OneDrive and go into the O365 Group Files, then I will see Version History in the menu commands. Will this be updated?
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Hi! Do you have a more specific timeline for the ability to Move files from OneDrive to SharePoint (other than later in 2017)? I couldn't see any mention of it in the Office 365 Roadmap. Thanks!

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Any definitive date as to when the restriction will be removed with moving files between libraries exceeding 50MB?


You can already copy files up to 500MB; file movement is on roadmap but no dates to share yet.

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I'm also looking for an update on the move functionality, is there news ?