In this episode, we cover all things mobile and being productive on the go! We talk to the Microsoft engineering team behind the SharePoint mobile app: Nate Clinton, Andy Haon and Debjani Mitra. Our SharePoint partner this week is the PAIT Group; we talk with Stephanie Donahue and Mark Rackley about their unique business philosophy of Powerful Alone Invincible Together. Also discussed are SharePoint news, announcements, upcoming events, and the FAQ’s of the Week roundtable.


“I think of SharePoint as the thing that holds the whole ecosystem together, hence the Intranet. To have that in a mobile app means you are in some way or form closely integrated with all the other apps that from the ecosystem that also exist.” – Debjani Mitra, program manager on the SharePoint engineering team.


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Hosts and guests faces for blog - epi-005.pngLeft to right, top to bottom: Mark Kashman – senior product manager (SharePoint/Microsoft) [host], Nate Clinton – principal program manager (SharePoint/Microsoft) [co-host], Debjani Mitra – program manager 2 (SharePoint/Microsoft) [guest], Andy Haon – principal group program manager (SharePoint/Microsoft) [guest], Stephanie Donahue – president / co-founder (PAIT Group) & Microsoft MVP [guest], and Mark Rackley – Partner / CSO (PAIT Group) & Microsoft MVP [guest].

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Valued Contributor
@Mark Kashman, another great show even learning how to pronounce @Andy Haon correctly :-) This is a very effective way, for me anyway, of understanding how the SharePoint team works. It was great even picking up clues of what's beyond the SPC announcements! Keep up the great work it's really appreciated! Now if I can just get that Email Digest :-)

Thank you, @John Wynne. We'll keep cranking them out and the main goal is to keep you informed, engaged and hey, even entertained. Haon - like "crayon"! ;). And like Andy said, soon for the email news digest - bug fixes before the bugs fix you. - Mark.