The Intrazone, episode 3: “When search becomes intelligent”

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In this episode, we dig into the AI side of SharePoint search, where intelligence on the back end brings forward content and people discovery – no more hunting and foraging for stuff throughout the intranet.


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The Intrazone – Episode 3: “When search becomes intelligent”

This IS the content you were looking for, because the content was already looking for you. Episode 3 takes us to the AI core, into the intelligent side of SharePoint search – a more personalized discovery experience. SharePoint search is the personal assistant who knows who you know and what they are working on, to present to you a consistent flow of relevant people, content and information.


This week hosts Mark Kashman and Naomi Moneypenny discuss how search is becoming intelligent, the Microsoft Graph behind it, the use cases, along with insights into the consistent experience across SharePoint, OneDrive, within Office apps, Office.com, Bing for business and more. Special guests this week include SharePoint experts Agnes Molnar (@MolnarAgnes) – Office 365 MVP and Search Explained owner, and Jeff Fried (@jefffried), CTO of BA Insight.

Intrazone-003_search_hosts-guests-faces.jpgLeft to right: Mark Kashman – senior product manager (SharePoint/Microsoft) [Co-host], Naomi Moneypenny – senior product manager (SharePoint/Microsoft) [Co-host], Agnes Molnar (Microsoft MVP, Owner of Search Explained) [Guest], Jeff Fried – CTO (BA Insight) [Guest].

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