Microsoft Teams is deeply integrated with SharePoint in Office 365. For example, every team that you create gets a team site in SharePoint, allowing the team to share and store their files in an effective way. In last week’s Teams On Air, I spent time with host, Delanda Coleman to provide an overview of how SharePoint connects with Microsoft Teams bringing in files, sites, pages, list and news articles – right inside the Microsoft Teams user experience in full fidelity.


It's Microsoft Teams + SharePoint for strong teamwork in the hub. Watch the on-demand video below, and then continue reading below to get a sense of all that SharePoint brings inside of Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft Teams + SharePoint for document sharing, storage and collaboration

SharePoint is a content service that supports both the day-to-day of teamwork within Microsoft Teams, the broader outreach to the company via Yammer, and targeted communications with email + ‘smart’ attachments in Outlook.


In Microsoft Teams, the default document library of a group-connected team site is the team's Files - which means it's robust, secure, easy to share and take part in advanced document creation like co-authoring and versioning. And beyond files, we are beginning to further integrate additional content managed in SharePoint, content like full sites, pages, lists and info-rich news articles. Keep focused in your hub for teamwork knowing your content appears intact and up-to-date as Teams gives you a view into your content, not an orphaned copy or version. The single source of truth shines through.


You can build out multi-section layout pages and news (like mini dashboards) filled with images, video, maps, Power BI reports, surveys, Twitter feeds, and more … all in line with your text within the context of your message. And then it’s easy to open a chat side-by-side and share your ideas in line with the original, source content – not a version of it, in its full fidelity.


Here’s a quick rundown of all the things you can do today with Microsoft Teams + SharePoint:

  • Files
    • It is the default SharePoint library for the team
    • Channels = folders in the same team site library
    • Rich previewers: 270+ file types launch previews right inside Teams
    • Files can be synced to your Windows or Mac desktop by OneDrive client 
    • Single document as a tab
    • Team OneNote notebook stored in the team site library
    • Link to files “stored in SharePoint” as a part of a Teams discussion
  • Info-rich, teamnews articles and pages as tabs in Teams channels
  • SharePoint News connector - every time a news article is published on the team site, it sparks a discussion in a Teams channel. 
  • SharePoint lists as tabs in Teams - the full fidelity comes through Teams: sort, filter, information panel, and any additional views.
  • Add an entire SharePoint site as a tab – the home page shines through as you designed, dynamic access to your top content and information.


As we move forward, we’ve plans to make the Files experience even more robust with advanced metadata, new view capabilities and more. Plus, we’ll improve the ease of adding SharePoint content - fewer clicks, better picker experience - no longer copy/pasting full URL. That’s what we call a tightening of the “time to tab” for timely teamwork!

Up next…

Try it all today. Work with your files in Microsoft Teams, connect SharePoint news to a Teams’ channel, publish a news article and add it as a tab in Teams, and pull in a full SharePoint list. Get tabular! They’re your tabs, use them 😊.


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We are excited to be doing more with the Microsoft Teams team, to bring new scenarios to life, and to improve the connected experience for people across their important sets of information and the conversations that connect it all.


We are always open to feedback via UserVoice and continued dialog in the SharePoint community in the Microsoft Tech Community —and we always have an eye on tweets to @SharePoint. Let us know.


—Mark Kashman, senior product manager for the SharePoint team

Occasional Contributor

Hi Mark

great updates!

quick question, will SharePoint lists get a specific TAB connector? have one connected via website tab and list loads well with tidy chrome however the clicking NEW does nothing.  List uses a custom powerapp form.



Thanks both - tried it out and blogged it here : https://collab365.community/create-manage-sharepoint-list-teams-tab/

Could you point me in the direction of someone that can help me out with getting PowerApps / Flow working .. Got blocked on both.


Hi @Andrew Reynolds. The team is working on making this a part of the "SharePoint" tab tile when you go to add a tab, just select "SharePoint" and then you'll be able to choose from available lists, pages, news. And to be clear, we have created a distinct tab tile for document libraries - you'll see this when you add a tab, look for the SharePoint logo and a folder icon.


Note: for now, to add a SharePoint list from Office 365 into Microsoft Teams, simply grab the list URL, click the "Website" tile in add a tab motion, plug in the URL and watch the list appear in the tab in full fidelity :-).