SharePoint and OneDrive welcome Microsoft Teams

This year, we announced our cloud-first, mobile-first vision for SharePoint and OneDrive and we’ve delivered innovations that provide simple and powerful file sharing, and the mobile and intelligent intranet. We’ve connected SharePoint to Office 365 Groups—our cross-application membership service that makes it easy for people to move naturally between Office 365’s broad and deep portfolio of collaboration applications and services. Every Office 365 group gets a SharePoint team site, in addition to a shared calendar, a plan to manage tasks in Planner, and email-based conversations in Outlook. Recently, Yammer announced integration with Office 365 groups, along with deeper integration with SharePoint.


Welcome, Microsoft Teams!

Today, Microsoft announced the preview of Microsoft Teams, a new chat-based workspace in Office 365. Microsoft Teams is an entirely new experience that brings together people, conversations, and content along with the tools teams need, so they can easily collaborate to achieve more.  Microsoft Teams is naturally integrated with the familiar Office applications, and is built from the ground up on the Office 365 global, secure cloud service.


With the introduction of Microsoft Teams, Office 365 now has mail, social, and chat connections to SharePoint and OneDrive. When you create a team, you create or connect to an existing Office 365 group, and the group gets a SharePoint team site.


The team’s OneNote notebook is also stored in the team site, with sections for each channel. Files shared with the team are stored in the team site’s document library, with folders for each channel. If you want to make it easy for your team to access files in another SharePoint document library, add a tab to any SharePoint document library.


The FILES experience in Microsoft Teams provides easy access to all your teams’ files and to the files in your OneDrive. 


If your team needs the full power of SharePoint to organize and manage files, click the ellipsis and then click Open in SharePoint.

Teams - Add Tab.png


The Open in SharePoint command opens the document library folder for the channel.

Teams - Open in SharePoint.png

From there, you can access the entire SharePoint team site.  The team’s SharePoint site is a customizable collaboration site on your intranet where team members can stay up-to-date with news and activity on the dynamic new home page; share, co-author, organize and manage files in document libraries; capture ideas and document processes and policies with pages; and collect and collaborate on data with lists. Integration with Microsoft Flow automates your team’s business processes. PowerApps creates applications, experiences, and forms for your team’s data and files. And Microsoft Graph powers intelligent experiences that surface activity, content, and expertise so that relevant, high-value information finds you in the context of your work.


Microsoft Teams brings a chat-centric workspace to teams already working in SharePoint. And SharePoint and OneDrive are bringing some of their most important capabilities to Microsoft Teams. Integration of document libraries and the team notebook is just a start for Microsoft Teams during customer preview. SharePoint and OneDrive look to integrate even more in the future, enhancing support for SharePoint content inside the Teams experiences, and bringing Teams conversations to SharePoint sites in the browser and in the SharePoint mobile app. The right architecture is in place, allowing us to innovate rapidly.


We encourage you to try Microsoft Teams, in preview today, and to let us know what you think! GIVE US YOUR FEEDBACK so we can continue to improve the experience of Teams and SharePoint even as we head towards general availability in the first quarter of 2017. 

Getting Started with Integrating SharePoint and Microsoft Teams


Each team is connected to an Office 365 group, which has a modern SharePoint team site.


  • You can navigate from the team channel to the SharePoint site’s document library by clicking the ellipsis, then clicking Open in SharePoint.

    Teams - Open in SharePoint.png

  • You can add tabs to other SharePoint document libraries.

    Teams - Add Tab.png


Do you want to add a Microsoft Teams chat-based workspace to your existing modern SharePoint team site?  Here’s how:


  1. In Microsoft Teams, click Teams.
  2. Click Create Team.
  3. Click “Yes, add Microsoft Teams Functionality”.
  4. Select an Office 365 group of which you are an owner.
  5. Click Choose Team.


  • FILES will appear empty. The Team creates a folder called General for the General channel. It is the General folder that appears when you click the Files tab. You can add a tab to team site’s default document library. Alternately, from the team site’s document library, you can move files into the General folder and they will appear on the General channel’s Files tab.
  • Only SharePoint sites with Office 365 groups can be connected to a Microsoft Team. In recent weeks, we have been adding SharePoint sites to existing Office 365 groups. Soon, we will be adding a capability to create a SharePoint team site and an Office 365 group from SharePoint home. Existing SharePoint sites without groups cannot yet be connected to a Microsoft Team.

Hi @Dan Holme -- Logistical question: due to Teams' connection/integration with Office 365 Groups, am I correct in assuming that you cannot use this tool without being on Exchange Online? (This is the limitation of adopting Groups/Planner.) In my case, my company has moved to SharePoint Online and planned to use Groups/Planner, but we're not on Exchange Online yet (and won't be for months or more), so we were pretty disappointed to discover we can't use those tools yet. Is that the same for Teams?


@Matt Wade Is your question "Does a user need an inbox in O365?" or is your question "Is teams available with an SPO-only license?" ... Actually, could you please ask this question in the TEAMS space in the community, since it's broadly about teams and less about integration with SharePoint?  @mention me there.  I'm researching the exact answer and will respond there.  The TEAMS space is here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Teams/ct-p/MicrosoftTeams

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Is there a way to connect teams to an existing O365 Group?

Senior Member

Ok, so this works if the O365 Group is private and not public. However, the conversations do not sync between the Groups and Teams. When will this start happening?

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how can i import existing Office365-Groups to Teams? Without this funktion, we didn't need "Microsoft Teams" but we have to many groups, that we can't made new

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@Klaus Krönert - To add a team to an existing group you must be a a Group Owner. See the FAQ at https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Frequently-asked-questions-about-Microsoft-Teams-%e2%80%93-... for more details.

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"Existing SharePoint sites without groups cannot yet be connected to a Microsoft Team."


When will this be implemented?  I want our people to start using this, but they will need access to our existing SharePoint files to make this useful.


EDIT: Actually, the more I think about this, and the more I use Teams, the more frustrated I get that I cannot roll this out.  This would be an incredible tool for our sales teams, but we just got done training them on living in SharePoint.  If Teams could just bring in those folders, this would be a no brainer and something they could immediately latch onto.  But instead I would have to tell them, "Team files live here, but all the SharePoint files still live over here.  No, you can't get to those from there, you have to go back over here.  You could save it there and upload it here, but you would have to remember to re-upload it back there."


Is there a timeline for getting "existing SharePoint sites without groups" supported?

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Does the introduction of Microsoft Team App means no separate App is going to be made for Planner? its okay i only want to understand.

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we have an existing group and created a team based on this group.


When we create a channel and create a plan, why can't we see this plan in the group?


How are plans in channels created?.



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Is there a limit on the # of channels in a team?


Will there be an api to create channels?

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I think the assigning an existing Office 365 Group a Team is a bit confusing.   I have gone into the People App and I can see my Office 365 groups ( which I am the owner). There is no UI for creating a Team ;-(  Whilst I am in People, I can click  on the Create '+' icon and I have Standard, Project, Organisational and Interest Groups to create.  Nothing to indicate the new Teams (sites).  Also, I would have thought I would have PowerShell support for teams as we do currrently for managing Office 365 Groups.




As well as enabling Teams via https://portal.office.com/adminportal/home#/Settings/ServicesAndAddIns  , apparently we navigate to http://teams.microsoft.com and start creating. You can also download the windows 10 Teams app ,  Android App and, or iTunes App.  I might be me but Teams is not really using your tenant other than for authentication .  Will need some governance and postioning in relation to Office 365 Group and modern team site.   #willconfuseusers

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Is there any way to enable the preview so that it is not available to everyone in the tenant ?

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  • FILES will appear empty. The Team creates a folder called General for the General channel. It is the General folder that appears when you click the Files tab. You can add a tab to team site’s default document library. Alternately, from the team site’s document library, you can move files into the General folder and they will appear on the General channel’s Files tab.

Ok so I have created a tab in a channel, that worked fine, I could see all the sharepoint folders etc. But now the new tab under the channel says I don't have access to these files. I've refreshed, I've tried doing it again from the start, I've closed Teams and reloaded it, no change. Clearly I do have access to the files as I linked to them when setting up the tab! I'm using the browser version for now to assess the tools usefulness. Can anyone help please?



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SharePoint Permssions and Teams is confusing.


Hi we created 3 teams over the last two weeks.


I am an owner on all teams.  One one of the TeamSites I can go in and edit Site Settings (content types / IRM), on the next I can only edit the Library Settings (IRM), on the third and last site I created I can't even edit the library settings. 


How does the SharePoint Teams sites get its permissions? I would have hoped an owner of the group would have full permissions over the SharePoint Team site created by teams!





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@Micah Jardine I would hope so as well, however I have not had the luxury of testing this. If the team site is connected to the MS Team, and that in turn is connected to the O365 group, how does sharepoint then permit the owner and members. Anyone at MS able to elaborate on this?? Or do we as an owner have to go into the connected team site and add permissions manually?


Many thanks

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The owners get full permissions over the team sites, however sharepoint teams sites are a bit more limited in what they can do.  Members of the team have edit access.


The Office Group is the master,sharepoint is provisioned from the group and MS teams just sits over the Sharepoint Team site an give a friendlier way to access the information.  hope that helps a bit @Luke Greening.



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Hi Micha,


Yes I saw essentially MS teams is the wrapper, giving a single workspace for a number of groups split by Channels, useful I feel for Large dpertments where you have a numbe rof teams within it.


Many thanks

 Hi, I would just like to ask if there is a way to link a specific folder found in Sharepoint to a specific channel in Teams?

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you talk bout onedrive for business availability in teams but i do not seem where it can be mapped?

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Will Teams have screen share in the future?