On May 18 at SharePoint Conference North America, we highlighted our innovations and updates for SharePoint Business Apps.  Many of the details, including Flow, Cognitive Services, Power BI and Visio,  were also covered in our blog post, Enrich your SharePoint Content with Intelligence and Automation.


As always, the best source for roadmap details is the Office 365 Roadmap.  However, Kerem Yuceturk and I summarized the roadmap in our session, and I've shared that slide here  by popular request.   We'll share more highlights - including demos - on our TechCommunity SharePoint Business Apps Resource Center soon.  Thanks.

SPC18-Biz Apps-RM.jpgSPC18 SharePoint Business Apps Roadmap


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Great stuff, always good for reference.

Thanks @John Wynne - I'm still publishing across channels - you're quick tonight!

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@Chris McNulty that’s because I live in London so it’s nearly 10 AM here! :grinning_face:
Great that it raises the profile of SharePoint again but what can we do about how feeble the SharePoint Admin role is though? You cannot manage the Groups properly with just the SharePoint Admin role, you need part Exchange. The more the SharePoint workload underpins the more the role seems not to be keeping pace.
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Is there more detailed information out there yet about the item "Flows owned by lists and libraries"? I'm curious about what this exactly means (clearly I didn't attend SPC).

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I love 2 points especially - the Rich Text field support & PowerApps Delegation Queries. If I understand correctly, this will finally enable a good search engine for bigger lists on criteria other than StartsWith. It's one of my worst pains currently, great that it's being worked on (too bad it so far away though :()

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Can't wait to see this Visio Flow editor in action! The current flow editor is still awkward to use and has many quirks that don't seem to be getting fixed. A prime example is the 'don't show this again' box that seems to appear every 5 minutes or so...

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Agreed @Deleted but I wish Microsoft would consider this feature for Visio Plan 1 rather than the considerably more expensive Plan 2. Apart from cost it simply limits adoption of a tool with wider use.