We've been on a journey to modernize user experiences throughout SharePoint.  


Lists and libraries are the primary containers for data and content, enriched with custom metadata.  Previously, we introduced column formatting, which lets you cut and paste JSON scripts into a formatting window to add interactions, color coding, visualizations, or other transformations on data in a list or library column. This summer we also introduced view formatting - which let you use the same JSON techniques to build transformation for every element in a view -- such as multiline displays, Microsoft Flow buttons, or data integrated from Bing maps or other business services.  


Today, there are dozens of sample scripts you can use in our SharePoint patterns and practices GitHub repository.  Some of these are highlighted here on the TechCommunity Resource Cenrter.  We recognize, however, that this is a more advanced technique, and most users are unfamiliar with JSON syntax.


That's why we're excited to introduce custom formatting. It’s like column formatting, since it lets you add conditional coloring based on column values.  However, custom formatting requires absolutely no scripting.  Custom formatting works on choice, date and Boolean columns. When you select the “Format this column” option, you can apply a pre-built template, or you can adjust the colors if desired.  For developers, you can still use “advanced mode” to apply a JSON script.


In the link below, you can experience custom formatting. It’s never been easier to transform and optimize the display of business data in SharePoint pages.

CF08.jpgCustom formatting demo on TechCommunity



Custom formatting will begin rolling out to targeted release customers in late December, with general release following in January.   Later in 2019, we’ll add support for more column types. 


We encourage you to share your thoughts and experience with us.  Thank you, and happy holidays.


Looks Fantastic!

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I just had a play around in my tenant and it's very easy to use! 


What other conditional templates become available?.. text color, border color/width, data bars, status indicators? Will there be an option for users to change colors in design mode?

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Very nice. Will try this out soon. 

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Don't see it yet. But I'll be patient. *checks again*

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Great new feature allowing departmental SharePoint leads more flexibility without submitting for development. Huge time saver. Looking forward to more templates.

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Excellent work, this will save a lot of time and enable our teammates to perform no code work without involving a SharePoint dev.   Thanks!

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Thanks for sharing. This will be a really good feature for the data visualization. However is this available only for o365 tenent or on premise SharePoint server as well. 

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More ... now masking data :) In view :)

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Will this apply to calculated columns? One of the drawbacks to JSON formatting was that it wouldn't work with calculated columns.


I find calculated columns are a really excellent way to assist in customising views, as it allows you to basically have a date from one column or another, depending on a choice in a third column.


For example, there are multiple project dates, each corresponding to a stage in a project. I have a "next deadline" calculated column, which I'd like to format.


Unfortunately because of the way expressions are evaluated, I've tried and it's not possible to do this using IF statements in JSON.

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Started experimenting with it this morning,

Thank you

Wonderful feature

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Great job! Thank you!


Looks great! Like @matsmithphotog mentioned, this would be wonderful to have for calculated columns as well. I created a uservoice for this today: https://sharepoint.uservoice.com/forums/329214-sites-and-collaboration/suggestions/36406258-custom-f...


@some guy @matsmithphotog  work is in progress on this and will soon be resolved . Going forward user would be able to format Calculated columns Date and time via no code solution and JSON both.

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@Niket Jain @some guy That's great news Niket, thanks for confirming this.


I just formatted a calculated date column... :-)


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I just got the feature today. Yay! Does anybody know if this will be available for embedded list views as well? Currently, I can only see the formatting when I go to the actual list, but it's not reflected on the embedded list on a page. Thanks!

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I don't see this feature yet... and I could REALLY use it right now.  Is there any way to accelerate its push to our tenant?  Or is there a setting that needs to be tweaked?



We got this ages ago. I'd be surprised if you don't have it yet. But I have noticed that it only appears on certain columns, like a choice column so you can color code for each value in the choice. Or a date field that lets you color before, on or after a date. You won't see it on every column. For other fields, you still have to use the JSON formatting like before.

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@Rachel Davis , thanks!  Your reply made me look harded.  Indeed, we have it already.  I was just looking at the wrong view...

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That is great news.  Please keep the updates coming :)