New features for SharePoint list and library preview web parts

Earlier in 2017 we introduced preview versions of new web parts to allow you to integrate views of a SharePoint list or library on SharePoint pages.  Our initial rollout was limited to “read-only” mode, meaning you could embed custom views of the list or library with limited interactivity.


Today we’re introducing related command bar items that allow you to create new items and upload documents directly from within the web part. We are also introducing item renaming, deletion, and downloading in the web part.


NewLibWPUpload.gifAnimation of uploading with new web part


Please note, this functionality has been always available in the native views of lists and libraries.  Today’s announcement extends those capabilities to the web part experience.  Additional material is available in the support articles, “Use the document library web part” and "Use the list web part".


We expect to start the rollout of this feature around November 14, 2017.  Please continue to watch the TechCommunity for the latest rollout news.  Thanks.




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nice one! Will this work with Document Sets as well?

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Nice update! These new web=parts are getting more functional!

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 What about the "Content Query" webpart? Are there any plans for a "Modern Content Query" webpart?

One of the expected features. Any plan for connectable web part features?


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Nice to see this coming.. Few questions hopefully addressed but good to know in advance.

  1. What happens after clicking on a folder? will the user stay on the same page or redirected to document library.
  2. In Classic experience there was a way to update the library settings when we keep focus on the DL webpart? how is this behaviour handled in this WP.
  3. I hope this WP width is adjustable for the smaller section in stead of whole page width.



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Nice to hear Chris McNulty for this update. And I think it is more web accessible as compare to previous version. Excellent !! 

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Any news on when these web parts will support field customizers?

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Are those webparts rolling out now? Are not quoted in Office 365 Roadmap.

Sorry my tenant is not First Release.

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Watching this thread - many good questions. Can't wait to see what the product team comes up with. Hope we see this before the May event in Las Vegas! 

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I have a list that uses several content types. When I use the List (preview) web part to surface it on my homepage, the NEW button will not work. It only appears to function when the list has 1 content type. Hoping that is being addressed when the final version is released.