Introducing the SharePoint Migration Tool from Microsoft

Taking advantage of cloud services doesn’t have to be difficult or a long-phased migration project.  At Microsoft Ignite we announced a new free, simple, and fast migration solution to help you migrate content from on-premises SharePoint sites and file shares to SharePoint or OneDrive in Office 365.




Based on the learning and experience from Microsoft FastTrack, using the SharePoint Migration Tool from Microsoft with a few simple clicks you can begin to bring your information to the cloud and take advantage of the latest collaboration, intelligence, and security solutions with Office 365.


Whether you’re looking to migrate from file shares on-premises to SharePoint or OneDrive or from on-premises versions of SharePoint, the SharePoint Migration Tool is designed to support the smallest of migrations to large scale migrations with support for bulk scenarios.


Using the SharePoint Migration Tool, you can quickly and easily migrate files from file shares, SharePoint sites, or support bulk migrations with a few simple clicks in the intuitive user interface.




The SharePoint Migration Tool also provides detailed information on the process of existing and completed migrations and task reports to help identify and resolve issues that may have occurred during the migration process.




For additional details and to see the SharePoint Migration Tool in action, check out the video below.



While the SharePoint Migration Tool provides support for many migration scenarios, we recognize your needs may differ in scope and complexity.  For more complex migrations, support with adoption and usage, or help planning Microsoft FastTrack includes resources, tools, and experts to make your rollout of Office 365 a success.


To learn more about Microsoft FastTrack visit https://fasttrack.microsoft.com/office.  In addition, consider one of Microsoft’s many partners that can help ensure your migration to Office 365 is both seamless and successful.


Getting Started
To get started and preview the new SharePoint Migration Tool from Microsoft visit https://aka.ms/spmt.


How to use the SharePoint Migration Tool
How the SharePoint Migration Tool works
How to format your CSV file for data content migration
Create a user mapping file for data content migration
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I am really pleased to see Microsoft offer this simple, free solution for migrating file shares and SharePoint sites to Office 365.  This is especially useful for customers that don't qualify for the full FastTrack benefits or are just getting started.

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I use PowerShell to upload and replace the special Characters not allowed. This tool will be very useful. I only have one question if can detect/alert the 256 character problem.

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Are file timestamps retained?

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Curious about the migration speed with this tool

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I’ve just tested the new tool and it appears you can only migrate folders from on-prem.  The only thing is you have to create the folder in SPO first before you can migrate. 

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@Gary Godfrey Can you share the download link?  I have checked the documentation and I couldn't see it (it just says 'download the SharePoint Migration Tool from [insert link]').  Thanks.


Whats the maturity of the tool, compared to thirdparty tools available in market ?

Retention of timestamp, workflow migration, retension of metadata, Managed metadata column migration, scheduled migration, content organization etc


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No MFA support? #Sigh


Trying to test migrate to users onedrive but tool keeps telling me "Cannot get document library" when choosing document library (message falls behind drop-down so initially not visible.. #Sigh

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Does the tool support SharePoint 2010?  I have noticed when it prompts for the source URL is asks for a SharePoint 2013 URL.    

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This is a great and most welcome addition. However...I do wonder if the team who built this tool actually understand their target audience.


I am almost certainly in the same position as thousands of other SharePoint professionals in that I cannot sit at my corporate desktop and "install whatever tool I like". I need to request approval to install tools and the tools need to be packaged from an installation source; and also be able to install this tool on environments that have no Internet connectivity.


Can you *please* provide an offline installation link?


I just tried migrating an Documents library from a SharePoint 2010 site and gets an Invalid Credentials error when I click Migrate. When I build the task it accepted the credentials. So maybe not SP2010 ready.

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When I'm trying to sign in to my Office 365 Account - getting an error - Failed to authenticate info SharePoint Online. I'm using Global Admin users.

Should I do some prepation steps?

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Hi @Aigars Jepifanovs @Jesper Simonsen


I'm getting the same issue here.  I'm getting the following message. 


" There was a problem during the Migration  The provided user XXXX\XXXX is not a site admin "


  Has anyone tried migration using SharePoint 2013 to SPO ?


I have logged a support ticket with Microsoft.  Let's see what they come back with.



@Jeroen Schoenmakers MFA is supported as a hidden feature temporarily. To enable it, you can set registry ( and after) :



The feature will be soon released as public feature.


@Aigars Jepifanovs @Jesper Simonsen @Gary Godfrey  It is reauired the onprem user is site admin for the onprem document library migration.


@Brian .   The timestamp will be retained.


Currently, forn onprem SharePoint migration, the tool only supports SharePoint 2013.

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For anyone that is interested, I have written a getting started guide on the TechNet Wiki - Getting started with the SharePoint Migration Tool from Microsoft.  This is a community resource, being a wiki article.


@Zhigang Zhang Correct.  The migration initiator must be both a Tenant Admin and Site Collection Admin on the source.

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Not ready for beta, migrating a single folder from a simple file share causes a non-descript error message, and there is no opportunity to report the problem to Microsoft. It just crashes out of the program.

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Hi All,


Too bad it doesnt work with SharePoint On-Premise as a destination choice... I


Its the same old story

"SharePoint On-Premise is Dead,

How many years has this been the story, lol







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Hi @Cian Allner,  thanks for the getting started guide.  As I suspected the current version of SPMT doesn't support SharePoint 2010.    

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@Ivan Sanders 

I actually came here to read sort of this (onpremises to onpremises)... looks like we will still have to make our own migration scripts hehehe

Just tried migrating folder structure from file share to document library in O365 tenant. The files in root folder was migrated, as well as folder structure (sub folders), but files in subfolders were missing....

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Thanks Bill for sharing this info.

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Awesome.. This is a great tool in the making for sure.. :) . 

  • Refering to all the related resources it appears to be unidirectional migration tool i.e. the destination is always a sharepoint online? correct me if i am wrong.
  • While it is correct to assume that in most of the scenarios the data flow happens either from Local drive or from On Premise version of sharepoint to Sharepoint Online, There are many scenarios in my company where we have to migrate from Sharepoint online to Sharepoint Online also.
  • Doese this tool allow us to move data from shared drive also? or it should be local drive? (I have not yet checked myself but checking here :-) )

I know for sure that the tool is still in the making. Thanks for this handy tool.

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@Rajashekhar Sheelvant:


1) Correct, the destination is either SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business

2) I have created a UserVoice idea for this, please everyone vote if would like to see SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online migrations added to the tool - Support SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online Migrations in the SharePoint Migration Tool.

3) Yes, simply Enter the path of the file share where the data is located, it can be just a local folder etc. 

Thank you @Bill Baer for sharing this update. Love the Mechanics videos. Nice shout out to both the FastTrack team the partner ecosystem to solve more complex migration needs. 

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I was able to migrate a file share and saved the migration when prompted. However, when I log back in to the tool, I don't see any saved migration configs and seem to have to start again. Am I doing something wrong?

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I try to do a migration from a fileshare (with subfolders) to a SharePoint online document library which already has documents and folders (some are the same). When I migrate I get an internal error and the tool exits.


Anyone seen this before?

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Thank you @Cian Allner for your feedback.. I have voted your uservoice post. 



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 If we need to migrate data from SharePoint 2010 on-prem and SharePoint 2013 on-prem to SharePoint 2016 on-prem versions. What kind of tool could you recommend to do that?

These are community forums @Gleb Krylov...guessing Microsoft would recommend FastTrack or to work with MCS to figure that out. For actual tools, however, there are many out there. In no particular order, I have used Sharegate, Metalogix, AvePoint. I recommend you talk to these vendors directly to find out what a good fit is for your specific need.

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For the most part the tool is working great, but am running into a few issues where it throws an error and closes. Is there someone at Microsoft I can contact to further troubleshoot/report the issues? 

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Good start with this Microsoft. Any plans for this to support list migration and full site migration?

We currently have to create each library in the destination before migrating, is that correct?


Would love to use this tool, but got the error "Cannot get document library" when performing File Share, or "Line #1, SharePoint Login Fail" when performing "CSV file for buik migration". The migrator is domain admin, tenant admin, and onedrive site admin.


Would love to see this work for Asset/picture libraries.  Works well for Document Libraries.

Haven't been able to install the tool from Aka.ms/spmt lately. It's giving me this error:  Application cannot be started. Contact the application vendor. Is the tool down or i'm doing it wrong? 

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Yuliya, I just installed it now using Internet Explorer and it installed fine.  Try IE if you haven't already, see if it makes a difference.


It would be great if we can get release notes, as new builds come out!

@Cian Allner tried different browsers - same error. Interestingly enough, I was able to install it 2 weeks ago and then I lost it after the system restore. 



 Looks like version is not signed properly?  I updated the tool on one of my servers and now it no longer works.   My server with still works fine luckily.



Below is a summary of the errors, details of these errors are listed later in the log.
* Activation of C:\<USERPATH>\Downloads\migrationtool.application resulted in exception. Following failure messages were detected:
+ Reference in the manifest does not match the identity of the downloaded assembly microsoft.sharepoint.migrationtool.migrationlib.dll.

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Bradley Weir, I too am having the same issue where the website displays version from my client's server and from our work connection, the tool fails to load with an obvious validation error.


Why is the validation error obvious? When I access the website from my home PC, the tool works flawlessly but the website displays it as version 0.26.5 as available version. Routing out a different ISP here at the office made no difference, appears Microsoft broke something on their end.


@Bradley Weir I've asked our devs to look into it.  Stay tuned.


@Steven Yurgelevic I've asked our devs to look into the issue.  Stay tuned.


@Bill Baer I can confirm, different internet connections are producing different versions of the software.  Oddly enough y Azure Servers show  my office connection shows  Installs and works fine.


On another note where can we find revision history on these new versions? 


@Yuliya Haradniuk (CELA) 

SharePoint MigrationTool is only released via http://hrcppestorageprod.blob.core.windows.net/migrationtool/default.htm. Could you please tell us how did you get Aka.ms/spmt link?


@Yuliya Haradniuk (CELA) 

SharePoint MigrationTool is only released via https://hrcppestorageprod.blob.core.windows.net/migrationtool/default.htm. Could you please tell us how did you get Aka.ms/spmt link?