Increase in SharePoint Online storage allocation

Global digital transformation is driving growth across Microsoft 365 and SharePoint as organizations invest in technology to empower employees to do their best work. More than 350,000 organizations now have SharePoint and the data they are storing over doubled last year alone.


We’re hearing customers want to put even more content into SharePoint to take advantage of new team collaboration and enterprise content management experiences, while moving off on-premise servers, file shares, and 3rd party cloud offerings.

Today we are announcing a 20x increase in the SharePoint Online per user license storage allocation. This will increase to 1 TB plus 10 GB per user license purchased, up from 1 TB plus .5 GB per user license purchased. Note this does not include SharePoint Online kiosk plans including Office 365 F1 and Microsoft 365 F1.

All Office 365 services that use SharePoint for content services, including Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups, will benefit from this substantial storage increase.


Example scenarios of increased storage allocation


100 user licenses

5000 user licenses

100,000 user licenses

Base tenant allocation

1 TB

1 TB

1 TB

Per user license allocation

1 TB (100 * 10 GB)

50 TB (5000 * 10 GB)

1000 TB (100,000 * 10 GB)

Total tenant allocation


51 TB

1001 TB


This change will start rolling out on July 1, 2018 and will be completed by the end of August 2018. Once complete, you’ll see this increased storage in your SharePoint Online admin center. If you are currently paying for additional storage you can decrease this as needed after this change is reflected in your tenant.

As always, you can purchase additional storage if needed from within the SharePoint Online admin center on a per-gigabyte (GB), per-month basis.

We are humbled by SharePoint Online’s customer momentum and look forward to helping you achieve more with this additional content storage for your teams and organization.



Awesome news!!!

Will the current rule of hybrid search continue to apply of 1TB per 1 million indexed items?

Awesome! Now the customers are more happy and will leverage Teams to the next level !

Will this updated policy hold true for US Government Community Cloud customers as well? Or, is this just for Commercial customers?

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Never delete anything any more :-)

Great news...I have a feeling that the consumption in Teams was a direct response to that :-) 

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Great news! Storage capacity should not be a concern now!


@Matt Holzmann (ATS) - Yes, this will apply to US Government Community Cloud customers too


This is great news @Aaron Rimmer and VERY timely too. 

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Very good news and more benefit to customers!

Wow this is great and will save organisations a lot of money. 

Good news !

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Does this apply to any/all Education plans too?

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Long awaited, but welcome - brilliant news.

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Great news Aaron. Does this change also mean we will now have increased capacity in the hybrid search index? Example 50TB = 50,000,000 Million record capacity would be bumped to 1000TB/1,000,000,000 records if we go by 100k users.

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Awesome news indeed! .. Thanks

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Long overdue, but thanks !

Didnt look great when Onedrive for Business for 1 user had more capacity than a sharepoint online tenant of 10,000 users.

Cheers !!!


This is excellent news for the SP Online customer base. 


This is incredible news! (It should have been in the admin message center too.)

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Nice!  Hopefully it increases the index limit as well.


Yes. This upcoming increase to the SharePoint Online storage allocation also applies to the number of on-premises items an organization can index in Office 365 with the cloud hybrid search solution. Read search limits for SharePoint Online for more information.

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Good news! This will save us a bit in extra storage. 


Shame this does not appear to be posted in the admin center messages yet, it's hard keeping tabs on all communication channels...


Will this increase also come to Government Community Cloud (GCC) in that time frame mentioned above?

@David Fish "@Matt Holzmann (ATS) - Yes, this will apply to US Government Community Cloud customers too" from earlier in thread.

Great change, thanks very much! Would be nice if the per GB additional pricing had discounts at certain tiers (i.e. less per gig for 100GB/500GB/1TB/10TB etc).
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Dynamics365 also?

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Is this also for Education A5 customers? Also, you wrote "As always, you can purchase additional storage if needed from within the SharePoint Online admin center on a per-gigabyte (GB), per-month basis."  I've never been able to do that. From our admin center I can only add storage by buying additional user licenses, making it expensive storage.  Is there another way to buy storage for SharePoint?

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So, per user storage increases 20x (0,5GB -> 10GB), while per tenant storage remains the same (1TB). At the same time, due to manatory versioning of libraries, the storage requirements might increase up to 100x (100 being the minimal allowed number of document versions in libraries). For those who have a small number of users and a large number of files that are often being modified (say AutoCAD drawings) this will result in less available space, not more.

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In response to @Marko Čurko - The increase in versions (100) should not equate to a 100x increase in storage since SPOL should use shredded storage for versioning. The net effect of the changes should be to add considerably more storage allocation to each tenant while giving up a small fraction of that increase to the versions saved.

How does this affect the 5000 file limit of Sharepoint online?

This has no change on on any other limit, but keep in mind that the limit isn't 5000 files, it is 30 million files per Document Library. The "5,000" is the List View Threshold, in which Microsoft has and continues to make significant headway into lifting or at the very least, greatly mitigating.


Hi, can Education plan users also enjoy this storage increase? Thanks!

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@Elaine Zhang I'm keen to know too. I asked this several posts above on this thread and still awaiting an answer.


@Philemon Burney@Elaine Zhang yes, this will apply to education plans too.

Hello, can academic plan users also make use of this storage increase? Hope to hear from you soon

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Hi @Aaron Rimmer


Great work on the storage increase! Just wondering, does the option to purchase additional storage increase as well?

In the support articles, we can purchase 20TB more, in TechNet, this describes this as unlimited.


Which is it? How much storage can we add to a tenant on top of the new increases?



Paul Bullock