In Microsoft 365, SharePoint is at the centerstage of document-centric collaboration.  And SharePoint content types are essential tools for managing content at scale.  Content types can be used to enforce standards for custom metadata, document lifecycle, templates and more. 


Content types are essential to our vision of how we’ll continue to deliver content services innovation in Microsoft 365.  We’ve modernized information lifecycles in Microsoft 365 with data governance labels to establish retention and record policies.  But templates have been obscure and hard to use. 


That’s why we’re excited to announce the ability to add document templates to SharePoint document library content types.  We’re also adding the ability to edit the New menu - to add, hide or reorder the new file options.


In a modern library, you can add a template directly to your document library via the New menu drop down.

DocTemplates.pngDocument template editing


With this new capability, you can also maintain the default Word Excel, PowerPoint etc. templates along with any newly added templates and content types.


You can also choose which templates are shown in the library by easily configuring the New menu in a modern panel.



You can configure the New menu by selecting (or deselecting) which templates you wish to see and by using drag and drop to re-order the templates in the menu. Within this pane you can edit the template directly in the Office client, change the template's content type or delete the template.

DocTemplatesNew.pngEditing the "New" menu

This experience fully integrates with existing templates created via content types and supports any existing ‘New’ menu configurations.    This gives you the freedom to adjust the template for single library without overwriting any other library’s templates from the same content type.


You can also easily change the content type of the template at any time, as shown below.

DocTemplatesCT.PNGMapping templates to content types

We will start the roll out of this capability to our Targeted Release customers in early September 2018.  Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I've always been able to manage the display of content types in library settings. how does this new capability work with that?

Answer: The new template controls for editing the New button on the command bar provide an additional measure of control for new templates loaded on top of the existing content types. In the future, we will integrate the library settings functionality directly into the modern configuration experience for unified management.


Question: If I have a centrally defined content type in the content type hub, and I change the templates there, will they be automatically extended to any libraries where local use template has been loaded?

Answer: For the moment, the content type hub will not update any locally defined templates linked to that content type. However, we will soon introduce the ability for a centrally managed content type, along with its custom metadata rules and templates, to be published to all locations, including locally defined templates, with full reporting visibility.


Question:  What happens if I change the default content type in a library? Will the new templates still point to the original content type?

Answer: The new templates are always mapped to the default content type. If you change the content type, the templates will follow.


Question: What happens if I delete the default content type in a library?

Answer: Nothing changes from prior behaviors. You cannot delete any content types that are still in use. Every library requires at least one content type, so any preexisting templates would be mapped onto the new default.


Question: These features look great for a single library, but how can I distribute templates to multiple libraries throughout a wide-ranging information architecture?

Answer: Again, for the time being, these features are scoped to a single document library. In the future, we will expand these capabilities to allow you to distribute and publish content types, with associated templates and metadata definitions, to multiple site collections and libraries in a single transaction.






I hope this is the right forum, otherwise please redirect me :-).


In Microsoft Teams, in the Files section, You can choose "Open in SharePoint". This is great because you can do more there than in the Teams environment, i.e. you have the newly enhanced "New" button. With this new button, it is possible to add templates to use in that document library.


1) Is there a way to set up a document library with the desired templates already in place, so when creating new Teams, you have a ready set of templates to use, without the need to manually add them?


2) Will there be possible in the future to group templates in a sub menu fold-out manner?


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I don't gave this "Add template" option in my tenant. On targeted release. Some feature I need to activate?
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Hi @Chris McNulty ,


Is there an update to this feature? Specifically centrally managed content type and templates? Thanks.

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Hi @Chris McNulty and @Miceile Barrett ,


Any update on when we will have the ability to use a centrally managed content type in order to automatically update templates that are in use for several different libraries? I have several users who keep asking to use these features since they were said to be coming soon when this was announced almost a full year ago.



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@Chris McNultyI've just had a look through the comments and as your last update is almost a year old now, can you confirm if the functionality is now available for auto update of templates from Content Type hub to multiple libraries?

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@Chris McNulty , I have the same question as @JustinR We did a migration from on prem SharePoint to SharePoint online in May 2018. We had this functionality in the on prem and it was essential to our solution where the customer has 14 content types which all have the same document template which is updated centrally. Today they have to go into each content type when they update the document instead of just updating it centrally and that changes all content types.


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We are experiencing an issue where these templates "disappear" and are no longer on the menu or available to be selected to the menu. We cannot seem to find the hidden forms folder in the library to reestablish them. The templates we have created are fairly complex and redoing them every time is not an option- Has anyone found this and if so what was the solution?

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@Chris McNulty  please let us know if this feature has been abandoned. It has become a critical component in our business, and we need to know if it's time to give up. 


@Miceile Barrett any news on when the new template management will be implemented in Microsoft Teams?



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The default behaviour when opening files on our SharePoint site is to open in the Desktop App rather than the browser. Whenever you create a new file from a template it opens in the browser by default - is there any way to force this to open in the Desktop App?

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@heatherlister we are getting the same issue and would love a solution.

@Chris McNulty has there been any progress on this feature? It's been idle for a long time now. Please don't tell me it's been abandoned :(