New updates to the OneDrive iOS mobile app

This release has been in the works for a while, but OneDrive 9.1 for iOS is here! Under the hood, we've completely rewritten the app, so we can bring you bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features faster than ever before. To celebrate this new release, we are rolling out the following features over the next week to our Office 365 subscribers.

Note: These features are rolling out, so you may not see them for a few days.

Multi-page scan
It's easier than ever to go paperless with the ability to scan as many pages as you want and save those pages into a single PDF. In addition, you can now crop, rotate, or delete those scanned pages. Full page documents, business cards and even reciepts can now easily be scanned. Now you can safely retire that old scanner as its services are no longer needed. :)


1.jpgreciept scanned with OneDrive iOS app

Offline folders
We've heard your feedback and know that downloading one file at a time is no fun and you aren't always connected to the Internet when you need to access that important file. We wanted to do something about that, so we are rolling out the ability to take any folder offline in OneDrive and SharePoint. You can take a folder offline by tapping and holding on a folder and then tapping the new offline command.


2.jpgoffline folders in OneDrive for iOS


Discover interesting documents
Using a work or school account? We added a new view to help you discover interesting and relevant documents based on who you work with and the content that you work on. Take a look at this personalized view by going to the Shared tab and sliding over to the Discover pivot. Let us know what you think.


3.jpgNew Discover view in OneDrive iOS app


There is more on the way. As always, your feedback is crucial to making OneDrive better with each release, so please send us feedback you have through the app or submit feedback at the OneDrive User Voice.

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Hi @Stephen Rose,


Could please provide an update on the compatibility of the OneDrive app with SharePoint Communication Site Document Libraries?

Currently the sites themselves are not listed in the OneDrive app, but when you navigate to a document library from the SharePoint App, and the app switcher activates the OneDrive app, the app crashes.

I've received some reports that this rewrite may have regressed the code to before it remembered to support web proxies properly. I think you need to code for both manual and Auto proxies too. Our schools use Auto proxies. OneDrive breaking across the estate as they update to this new version.


Apple Developer Documentation for CFNetwork


Hi Everyone,


First I want to thank you all for your feedback, it's really important to the team and is key to improving our apps. 


@Ivan Unger We will have an update on iOS and Android to fix this soon. 


@Andrew McNaughton thanks for reporting the issue with proxies. We haven't received any reports on this, also this update didn't impact any authentication code, so if a regression was introduced it was likely unrelated. If you are able to reproduce this issue, feel free to direct message me and we can get your details/logs and investigate.



The release of 9.3.3 has resolved our issue with OneDrive failing to support PAC. :)

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Thanks for sharing the useful updates about the OneDrive iOS mobile app.