We’re making it easier for everyone to get going with OneDrive! Now new users of OneDrive that set up the OneDrive Sync Client will receive a one-time tutorial on uploading files to OneDrive, accessing their content via the Mobile Application, and sharing their files with others. 


With the sync client, you can choose which files and folders to sync to your computer. You can even add multiple work accounts to the OneDrive Sync Client and sync files or folders to your computer for each account, so you always have the files you need on the go!  


By introducing the tutorial, we’re helping people learn how to use OneDrive right from their first experience. And if you’re looking for more training for your team, check out the Office 365 Training Center.  


These tutorials include:


These new tutorial are available today in our Office Support Center. If you have feedback on OneDrive, make sure to visit our OneDrive UserVoice site.





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Hi, We use OD4B and I am not seeing the options within the One Drive for Business application?




Sorry, what options aren't you seeing? Which OS and which version of OneDrive are you running??

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I am running Windows 10 Enterprise v10.0.14393 with MS Office 365 Proplus v1701 Build 7766.2099.
Microsoft OneDrive for Business.  I stopped syncing my old client and installed the new client as above and I now get the correct experience?

Is Microsoft OneDrive for Business client being phased out?




Not at all. We have separate builds for Consumer and Business. 


Current versions are listed here. Try downloading the OneDrive for Business client from the web.

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Hi Stephen,


Is that the total list of the new tutorials? If not, where could I find a total list of them?





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@Stephen Rose @Shaun Smith I think he's talking about old "Groove" OneDrive for Business client which is listed as OneDrive for Business, which basically is the old client. OneDrive is now the hybrid Application Shaun which handles both. That might be where your confusion is?