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I am trying the new Office 365 Listings app for the first time. I am getting an error during the add business info step. The error message states

Request contains an invalid argument.
  • primary_category : primary_category is required


However, I have entered a

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Hi Kale,


My sincere apologies for the very late reply on this. It seems that you came across the Listings app while we were in our very early days. If you're interested

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What happened to the existence of this service and this app? Has it been discontinued? I can't seem to find it anywhere. 


Any ideas? 


And does anyone know the URL to list

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Hi everyone,


Besides posting your ideas and suggestions here, if you’d like to see what others have posted or the solved problems answered by the product teams, please go to the official discussion forums for each O365 Business Center app. Our main inte

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