Option to automatically add newly installed app to homescreen

Option to automatically add newly installed app to homescreen
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I would very much like to see an option, that is in quite a few other launchers, for Microsoft Launcher to automatically add newly installed apps to the Homescreen (from where I then drag and drop them to the appropriate page and folder). An option, default probably off, but whichever you think best.


I can't think of the last time I added an app where I didn't want it on the homescreen, and while I know it is not a lot of effort to add it myself (open app drawer, go to 'new', either long press and Add to Home, or drag, wait for the homescreen to appear, then carry on dragging to the right page) it's a common enough repetitive task I find it annoying that I have to do it each time as (a) computers are supposed to remove the need to carry out repetitive tasks, and (b) both of the other launchers I've used had this option ('on' by default, so I hadn't actually noticed it was an option, and took awhile trying to work out what was wrong with Microsoft Launcher when I first tried using it before finding this behaviour was an optional behaviour in the other launchers, set to on, but an option ML doesn't have ... or if it does, I haven't found it).

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ML does have this feature, see Settings / Personalization / Home Screen / New Apps

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Not on my phone.


Under Settings/Personalization/Home Screen I have:


Customize app icons and layout

Hide app/folder names

Vertical scrolling

Keep page header

Page indicator

Keep status bar

Lock Home screens

Hidden apps


That's all. No 'New Apps'. As indicated in my first post, I have actively searched for this option, and not found it. And on first use I went through every available setting just to see what's available to be set.


This does remind me ... I really dislike that even with Page Indicator selected, it only shows the page indicator when I am actually swiping from one page to another, just a flat line (drawer handle, I suppose) up to when I start swiping and from the moment I stop. I REALLY would like a permanent page indicator even when it is not being swiped. That's what I expect when there's a Page Indicator on-off setting. Should I put that in this Ideas section, or the 'report an issue' section?

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hmm... not sure about your ML version.


I checked mine, the latest 5.4 beta has it, (the current release version at Google Play Store) has it.


again, not sure about this too: at your "Home screen" screen, did you try to swipe up to get more off-screen options?

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I currently have There hasn't been any option about putting new apps on the homescreen since I first installed a 5.2, then almost immediately signed up for the betas and installed a 5.3 beta, then every update including all betas immediately they came out. There simply is no 'New Apps' option - I've looked for it in every version and update.


May not be relevant to this, but I was wondering anyway - in the Phone (not ML) Settings>Apps>Special app access>Device admin apps, should Microsoft Launcher be ticked for all options to work? It (and Nova Launcher) are both listed but not ticked on the Device admin apps page, and I don't recall ever being asked to give or refuse permission.



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Oh, and that list of options I gave for the ML Settings Home Screen page is it. It comes nowhere near the bottom of the screen, and there are definitely no more entries waiting to be swiped into view.

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And I just checked whether there's something intrinsic to the phone (Alcatel 3V) that stops any launcher from having this function. There isn't. With Nova Launcher running instead of ML, it shows the option in its settings, and with it ticked, I installed an app and it was immediately added to the Homescreen. This does appear to be an ML problem.

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That's weird. 

I have 3 devices running different versions and they all have the "New Apps" switches.

One thing you can try is, back up your settings, then reset ML to default.

Or, maybe you have found a bug?

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Oh no.


I backed up everything again to the cloud (have made backups before) then reset ML. Still no New Apps - and the restore of the backup has failed miserably. EVERYTHING is set wrong, every choice in settings, even what's where is from my Nova home screen with some Microsoft icons and folders on a fourth home screen page I didn't have. This is going to take forever to get back to how it was. :(


At some point I passed some option to 'organize your backups' or something like that, but now I can't find it again. There must be somewhere to pick an earlier backup to restore but I can't find it.

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Ah. When it reset and went back to like a first time install, it never asked me to login to my outlook.com onedrive account - not even when I was trying to restore. So the restore wasn't doing anything. When I accidentally triggered an account login, after that the restore did - mostly - restore things to how they were. (The one thing I've noticed were NOT restored were the News Interests settings - presumably that is a bug.)


I have to say that I consider it not asking me to login for the restore or showing an appropriate message that I needed to to be a near heart attack inducing bug.


OK, so, back to my not having the 'New Apps' setting ...

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Did you find a solution? I also don't have the "new app" option.

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@aday3 No I didn't, just the answer that it is a 'feature' they are only including in the builds given to some people but not everyone for testing. Given that it is either an option (defaulting to 'on') or a fixed feature in every other launcher I've tried, I find this completely bizarre. I complain about the absence of this feature in my reaction posts to every new build, but so far without any further response from the developers. It is one amongst several issues that keeps me teetering on the verge of giving up on Microsoft Launcher and just changing to Nova Launcher.

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