Glance Calendar Widget - Microsoft Calendar Option Needed

Glance Calendar Widget - Microsoft Calendar Option Needed
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It would be convenient to use my Microsoft Account Calendar as a widget and not the Google calendar. The Google calendar serves very little use to me, as all of my appointments/reminders are on my Microsoft calendar.

Plus with Bing integration, the Microsoft is much more pertinent for my needs. I use my Google account sparingly.
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My Glance Calendar widget has three dots top right that produce a menu with a Choose Calendars option, which then displays a list of my Microsoft Account calendars (first) and Google account calendars, allowing any/all to be enabled or disabled. So it can show just the Microsoft account calendars, or Google, or both. Do you not have that?

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I saw the dots and added an Outlook Calendar widget. But still lacking a full month calendar view like the Google widget.


This was a problem with the Calendar in the Outlook app, but has since been modified. An update to add a full Month view for the Outlook Calendar widget would be quite helpful, as I use it for business/scheduling. 




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