Ideas for Kaizala - To make much better App than Watsapp

Siva Prakasam
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Hi Team,




I had an idea of creating a much better alternate for Whatsapp. I wanted to have much better features in the app than Whatsapp can ever have. But i wasn't able to go-ahead as it required huge amount of finance and service support.


Now I see Microsoft Kaizala has come with the same concept and am really happy to see that. But still it could become the leader in market if they add few key features that are listed below.


Some of the features, which can be added:


- Create a Group for Every Area (Can be a city or town), we can identify it with pin code of each place and suggest people to join their areas.
- Get to know about latest happenings in your area and about your neighbors
- Get to know about necessary landmarks in your places (Temples, Hospitals, Restaurants and Other Important ones)
- Get immediate response for your question from your neighbours through area groups and make them friends
- Occupation should be a mandatory option during registration, so tat other users can identify experts in specific field in their specific areas whenever they need any help
- Have a private chat with experts
- Can see what is happening in other area groups.
- See the trending Map in all areas, city, state, country (According to the regions)
- No of persons will be counted & will be shown at the top of the group (Count Meter)
- Streaming live videos in groups


And Many More......

Am available for the team if they need more details about it.


Sry if this is not the right place to share about these ideas.




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Hi @Siva Prakasam

I know you posted this over a year ago. I am not sure if anyone ever responded to you publicly or privately on it. Please email your suggestion to kaizalafeedback@microsoft.com. I am also going to ask the admins of this site move your post to the recently created Microsoft Kaizala community


I hope these help get your great suggestions in front of the right people. 


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