Action cards in Kaizala allow users to easily coordinate work or digitize a business process within the context of a group conversation. Some of these Action cards like jobs, surveys, checklist, polls etc. are available out-of-the-box. You can also create new Actions from our intricately designed templates that come with numerous customizable features. Using Kaizala's extensible platform, you can also build completely new action cards to meet your business need.


Microsoft Kaizala.pngUse Kaizala Actions cards in the context of a conversation



Using an Action card within a Kaizala group:

As a group admin, using the management portal you can customize which cards show up for users in a particular group. This allows you to surface Actions which are relevant for that particular group. When you do so, all the group members will start seeing the Action in the Discover tab of the Kaizala mobile app. In case of a group having a managed Action palette, added Actions will be visible directly in the group's Action palette. Here are some examples of in-built cards that you can start using right away: job, survey, poll, announcement, checklist, training, request location, Kudos. We are always adding commonly needed cards to the repository. 

Kaizala_Actions_Management_Portal_5.jpgAdding a Kaizala action to a group


Building new Kaizala Actions from customizable templates:

Kaizala Management Portal allows you to quickly and easily build your own Actions from the customizable templates:Blog_create_new_action.pngBuild your own Kaizala action using customizable templates



  •  New Form - Use this template to collect data in a form, from your group members. The form can be filled at any time.

  • Feedback - Use this template to collect any type of feedback from a group
  • New Survey - Use this template to request data from group members. This is done by creating a Survey Action with pre-filled questions. You can send this Action via the app at regular intervals.

  • Announcement - Use this template to make key announcements and share updates to a group.

    Kaizala_Actions_Management_Portal_8.jpgCustomizing a Kaizala template to build your own Action

Building a custom Kaizala Action:

Kaizala platform provides developer an action package SDK, a JavaScript library that abstracts out platform specific functionality and provides a way to interact with the underlying Kaizala runtime. Learn more about building custom actions, and other ways to extend and build workflows and solutions using Kaizala.


Managing a Kaizala Action:

Each new Kaizala Action has different stages in its lifecycle:


  • Draft: Action is successfully uploaded. It cannot be added to groups. Visible only to Action Creator and Organization Admins.
  • Staged: Action in Staged state can be tested (before deployment) in groups for which Action Creator is an admin. Visible only to Action Creator and Organization Admins.
  • Active: After a version of an Action is staged, it can be activated. In Active state, it is available for all members of the Organization to add it to their groups.
  • Inactive: Action in Active state can be made Inactive. In this state, concerned Action package is not available to other members in the organization to add it to their groups. On Kaizala app, it can still be used by users in the groups that have this Action added.
  • Removed: If a version of an Action is either explicitly removed or replaced by other version, it moves to Removed state. On Kaizala apps, these packages will not be available for user.



Microsoft_Kaizala_Actions_stages.pngDifferent stages of a Kaizala Action



Gathering insights using Kaizala Actions and in-built reports: 

The Kaizala management portal allows group admins to view reports and telemetry data for Kaizala Actions. This allows admins to quickly look at results from surveys you have fielded, jobs you have sent, and even look at usage telemetry within your organization. Learn more about what you can do with in-built reports.


Kaizala_Actions_Management_Portal_9.jpgUse in-built reporting and analytics to gain insights


We look forward to seeing how you use the rich capabilities with Kaizala Actions. If you have any feeback for us, please leave a comment below. If you have not yet downloaded the Kaizala mobile apps, you can do so on Google Play Store and App Store.

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This is fantastic functionality. I am currently rolling out the Kaizala app to my team and we have been using it non-stop. I have also been discussing Kaizala today with our Modern Workplace partners and we have now going to set up a group for announcements, polls and surveys. There are so many things that would be good for this app. Birthday's and Work Anniversaries are one I think that is good, maybe a Kaizala Action called Milestones, Whiteboard which could be sent as pictures to the team, integration of Exchange Calendar and availability on the user profile, ability to theme the mobile app, Kaizala action for Sending Directions linking to Bing Maps. Would also love to see a User Voice for Kaizala I would be raising all the time.


Good ideas, @Christopher Hoard! We will have an Ideas/Feature requests space right here in the community space next week. Stay tuned!

Trusted Contributor

Great news, thanks Praveen!


Best, Chris

Occasional Visitor

Kaizala is so great, which is more than nice to have for the first-line worker here to use. Me and my development team members are so into Kaizala development for Modern Workplace solution too. I have been wondering if there is more Custom Action Cards format to modify.

And somehow, looking forward for Kaizala to provide "send-attachment" in integration with Microsoft Flow too.

Trusted Contributor

On the way back from Ignite the Tour in Berlin at Schoenefeld Airport I saw that cleaners were using WhatsApp. A great Kaizala opportunity here!


best, Chris

Trusted Contributor

Hi @Praveen Maloo any news on the feature/requests space?


Looks great what's coming out on Kaizala from The Tour


Best, Chris


@Christopher Hoard- it should be live now!

Trusted Contributor
@Praveen Maloo - I can see it and can see Feature Requests but when I select this I get 'You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action.'. Looking forward to raising some Ideas.


@Albert Timothy - yes, we will have more action card templates over time. What would you like to see? Can you submit your ideas in the Features space here? 



@Christopher Hoard - I just raised one and was able to. Did you select a mandatory tag? Please give it a try again and if it doesn't work, let us troubleshoot. 

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Got it! Must have been propagation! Thanks Praveen


Best, Chris

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@Praveen Maloo


Looks like this is an active blog and expecting a response for our business case scenario:


Would like to understand , if by any means in Kaizala, can we restrict the Responses from individual to be seen by ALL members of the group (individual is member of the group)?

Given a scenario, where Customer Service and Customers are members of a group then, we do not want to show each Customer's response to all other Customers. But Customer Service Representative can see the response from the Customer.

Can you please help how to configure Kaizala to achieve this feature?


Would be great to get some guidance !

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Hi @Atanu-Trying_Kaizala


You can do this by creating a Hub and Spoke group. See article




In a Hub and Spoke group


Hub and Spoke group:
A hub and spoke group in Kaizala is a unique group where members of the group can interact with the admin of the group on a one-to-one basis, but the interactions cannot be seen by other group members. Note that Hub and Spoke groups can only be created on the Kaizala management portal. 


Key characteristics of a hub and spoke group:

  • Admin can connect with any number of members and send and seek information.
  • Members cannot see each other or interact with each other.
  • Members can communicate with admins only through admin-defined custom cards like giving Feedback, Share your requirement, etc.
  • Members can subscribe to a public group using a link
  • A hub and spoke group can either be managed (group admins can view, manage and invite subscribers) or public (Subscribers can also invite other subscribers. Group admins cannot view or manage subscribers).

Hub and Spoke groups would be created in the Kaizala Management Portal.


Hope that helps. 


Best, Chris