With flexible group types, large group size of millions of users, integrated work management action cards such as surveys, announcements, jobs, trainings, and in-built management and analytics capabilities, Microsoft Kaizala opens a broad range of unique scenarios  - beyond just simple communication needs.  We have seen customers adopt Microsoft Kaizala in very unique ways, and continue to be inspired by what they are envisioning to do in the future.


  1. Training and on-boarding: With dynamic, transient workforces, training, safety and compliance are often key concerns. Kaizala's phone-number based identity and action cards like training and attendance allows simple and easy on-boarding of new staff, easy distribution of training content, be it videos or other forms of documents.
  2. Gathering field insights: With in-built action cards like surveys and polls, and real-time aggregated reporting, Kaizala is not only empowering field teams to do better work, but also allowing decision makers to gain deeper business insights.
  3. Firstline engagement: Engage your mobile-only Firstline staff and field workers: share key announcements, celebrate successes, and 
  4. Engaging your extended network: With Kaizala's unique phone-number based open-directory model, customers are connected with their extended networks (suppliers, distributors, partners, customers) for day-day business operations, logistics management and more
  5. Customer engagement: With Kaizala's public groups, organizations are engaging their customers, listening to grievances, sharing new and exciting product announcements, offers, discounts and more
  6. Event coordination: Coordinating with hundreds of vendors and suppliers can be extremely challenging - especially on the fast-paced show floor. Kaizala allows dynamic groups to quickly come together using location proximity, bar-codes and more, and share real time updates.
  7. Community and fan-club engagement: With support for large groups of people, Kaizala can help establish and grow a community which shares similar interest and passions 
  8.  Government to citizen connections: With Kaizala's unique hub-and-spoke groups, and support for millions of users in a group, public sector organizations are connecting with citizens to listen to feedback, exchange ideas, share key updates and thereby increasing citizen satisfaction
  9. Digitizing manual processes using simple chat interface: Kaizala is helping organizations across multiple industries in digitizing their workflows and integrating it with Kaizala's simple chat interface: such as doctor and patient communication, field sales reporting,  incident management.


We would love to hear from you - how are you envisioning using Microsoft Kaizala in your organization?


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Great article @Praveen Maloo. Been using Kaizala actively for around 6 months now and it's my go-to-app for chat. I strongly believe that it will emerge as the chat app of choice over the coming year.

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@Praveen Maloo, is Kaizala coming to the U.S.?  If so, when?  Thanks!


Hi Jefrrey - yes, we will be expanding market availability in the coming months. Exact timing is TBD but tentatively looking at spring/summer (northern hemisphere)


@Christopher Hoard - I am with you on that! Thanks for being an early adopter and the feedback so far! 

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Thanks @Praveen Maloo , I'm interested in this as I can think of some great scenarios to using Kaizala.

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I have to agree with Christopher Hoard. I'm trying to get the company I'm consulting for to adopt O365 Enterprise so that we can use Teams to streamline and become more efficient. I've been using Kaizala with my own O365 E5 license and I'm loving it. Teams is one of my favorite apps, but Kaizala is right up next to it. @Praveen Maloo, any plans to integrate the two, or will Kaizala can stand on it's own and overtake Teams as the go to app for teamwork? They both overlap, but they both also have their own strengths. I'm wondering what your thoughts are and if there are any insights from within Microsoft as to the direction you will take.
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Whats the Situation of this product related to GDPDR / DSGVO ?

Great post @Praveen Maloo! Looking forward to test and showcase these groups and features (especially at SharePoint Conf North America in Las Vegas next may), any way I can get access to a preview?

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I’m confused and seeking for some enlightening before deciding which tool to use…I’m working on a very important project regarding a non-profit initiative in Belgium that deals with citizen safety and prevention.
We have a small organisation that is looking for a solution to inform citizens and allow them to participate in safety and prevention, so potentially millions of users in Belgium.
We currently see a lot of our members using WhatsApp and Facebook groups which creates a rather chaotic and uncontrolled situation… We looked at the following options:

  • creating a mobile app ourselves (preferably not!)
  • Kaizala (Microsoft)
  • Teams(Microsoft)
  • Workplace by Facebook

As we believed Kaizala was in our case the best option, we started looking into a solution build around it using the Kaizala API and portal.
What I now see is that Teams is enormously getting attention, even for those “First Line Workers”.
If I look at the Microsoft developers blog for Team, one sees messages almost every day – latest article: yesterday
The Kaizala Blog’s latest article is June 25th 2018 (https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/kaizala/blogs/ )

Did we make the wrong choice? Is there still a future for Kaizala? Should we switch?

Or is perhaps Workplace by Facbook a better option? 

An important item for us is budget (being a non-profit!): we do have a non-profit O365 licence (25 users), Kaizala is free, Teams is for 25 users (see non-profit O365 25 users) and Workplace is also free (unlimited users)

Feedback would be appreciated!


Hi @Marc Vanderstraeten - apologies for the late response here. We are continuing to bring new capabilities to Kaizala, as well as Teams for the Firstline scenarios. I wouldn't recommend investing in your own app, as we have worked with many of our customers to automate the commonly used tasks as action cards within Kaizala, like surveys, polls, training cards etc. Moreover, it's a phone number based identity so easy to get started with. Let me know if you have any other questions - happy to answer.


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Thanks for your feedback. We have 3 candidates left for the moment: Kaizala, Workplace Chat and Telegram. Checking them all out now while writing interfaces for them to be used in our communication platform.