Intune’s new Troubleshooting Portal makes diagnosing and resolving end user issues easier

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Having the right data at your fingertips is a must when you’re troubleshooting issues with your end users. Intune’s new Troubleshooting Portal provides a “single pane of glass” for reviewing device status, assignments and policies affecting a user, eliminating the need to click into multiple workloads to diagnose issues. Now you can simply load up a user and see a range of factors impacting their individual experience—this is a big win for IT Pros and Support or Helpdesk workers who want resolve end user issues faster with less effort.


Here’s a list of user details you can view for each user in the Troubleshooting portal:

  • User status
  • Group assignment
  • Application and policy Assignments
  • App protection Status
  • Compliance issues
  • Device status
  • Device details such as OS type and version




Read about it in the Enterprise Mobility & Security blog.

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Very useful Eric.


That reminds me, is there a single source of info about the various time intervals that can impact Intune and mobile devices? E.g. how often does a device cache/update policies? I've seen some details scattered around but it's hard to find them.

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