Devices become un-managed after licenses were re-assigned

Ali Kristoffer Njie
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I recently experienced an issue where devices became un-managed after the associtated user lost their Intune license. I've spoken to Microsoft who confirms that this is expected behavior. In conclusion the affected users had to re-enroll their devices, even though the Intune license was re-assigned before the Company Portal was opened.

Anyone have experience upgrading from an EM+S E3 plan to an EM+S E5 for example? Will users have to re-enroll even if they're assigned an E5 license before the E3 license is removed?

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Hi Ali,


I changed users from E3 to E5 without any impact. I assigned the new E5 license and then removed the E3 license. This went without any problems for me.




Hi Oliver,


Thanks for your reply.


I tested this myself and used the MSOL Powershell module in order to do this.


Foreaching through the users with the following command seemed to work perfectly!


Set-MsolUserLicense -UserPrincipalName $User.UserPrincipalName -RemoveLicenses <E3 License SKUID> -AddLicenses <E5 License SKUID>

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