Application Installation Reporting and Automated Email

Tom Gould

Hey All!


I am trying to configure application reporting for mobile devices. I am able to export the report to csv from the Azure portal, but i have to do this twice. Once for iOS and again for Android :( 


I would like to see if anyone has been able to PowerShell export all devices that have Outlook mobile installed. 


My third-ish request, is it possible automate emailing of reports. I have a client that is in a highly regulated industry that needs to monitor the users and devices that have Outlook mobile enabled on the devices. 


My goal is to automate all of this in PowerShell using the Graph API to gather device information and Outlook mobile installation status. Once i have all of the devices, connect to Office 365 and send the email to HR and IT. Finally once the PowerShell scipt works, I'll upload it Azure Automation to run once a month.


If anyone has any experience with this or know if this is possible, let me know :) 

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