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I'm having a problem with iOS app deployments on Intune.  Specifically, I'm finding that it takes a while (up to an hour or more) for an app to get installed on my iPads.  Is there any detailed logging information within Intune that I can look at for troubleshooting?


Thank you.

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Hi @Mike D


did you have a look at the troubleshooting article on docs already? Your devices might be delayed in receiving the app install intent due to various reasons. network connectivity, online/offline state, regular policy refresh etc:


see here:

How long does it take for devices to get a policy, profile, or app after they are assigned?

Intune notifies the device to check in with the Intune service. The notification times vary, including immediately up to a few hours. These notification times also vary between platforms.

If a device doesn't check in to get the policy or profile after the first notification, Intune makes three more attempts. An offline device, such as turned off, or not connected to a network, may not receive the notifications. In this case, the device gets the policy or profile on its next scheduled check-in with the Intune service, which is estimated at:

Platform Refresh cycle
iOS About every 8 hours
macOS About every 8 hours
Android About every 8 hours
Windows 10 PCs enrolled as devices About every 8 hours
Windows Phone About every 8 hours
Windows 8.1 About every 8 hours


And there is a guide how multiple intents are resolved, see here:

How conflicts between app intents are resolved




Thank you.
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