What's new in Microsoft Information Protection solutions to help you protect your sensitive data - wherever it lives or travels

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Get an overview of how you can protect your sensitive data through its lifecycle with Microsoft Information Protection solutions. Data is created and travels to more locations than ever before, which makes protecting your most important and sensitive data more challenging.  We've made it easier to create and manage new information protection policies, easier for end-users to work with sensitivity labels in Office applications, and easier for the ecosystem to build their own information protection experiences into their own applications and services. The solutions provide a more consistent and comprehensive experience across products such as Azure Information Protection, Office 365 DLP, Windows Information Protection and Microsoft Cloud App Security.
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The slide which is downloadable in SEC30 is not the slide used by the presenter in Singapore Ignite The Tour.

FYI - We received an updated deck from the speaker and that is now available from the Session Resources.

@Don Low,


Since the decks are used at multiple cities we do not provide decks that are city specific.



Unfortunately the deck posted here relates to Microsoft Threat Protection (similar to SEC40) as opposed to Microsoft Information Protection .... any idea when the correct slides will be made available please?

@Peter Johnson 


Slide 3 in the deck:



Are you not seeing them same thing?

I am now, thanks Allen. Previously I was seeing "SecOps and Incident Response with Microsoft Threat Protection" on slide 2.

New recording now here on the Tech Community! Recorded in March 2019 in Amsterdam

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