Unleash the power of Teams with the extensibility of the platform

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Want to learn how to take the value of Teams to the next level? In this session for IT professionals and developers, we will unveil the Teams platform and how to integrate actionable experiences alongside your chat experience. Creating interactive bots, apps, connectors (and more) that extend to the mobile experience is straightforward. Come join this session to see a demonstrated framework for creating experiences for a variety of business scenarios.
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I wasn't able to join this session in Berlin. Will it be possible to receive some materials, presentation?
Thank you



The decks have now been published. 

Thank you, Allen, for all presentations shared!
The best wishes for the upcoming New Year! :)
No problem JohnyOhYeah.

Same to you.

Great session with really useful examples throughout the session. Thank you guys

@JohnnyOhYeah can you sent me also the presentation of INT30?


Thanks for your patience everybody, you can find the recording of this session as delivered in Amsterdam as part of Microsoft Ignite | The Tour.

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