Scaling for growth and resiliency

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Tailwind Traders has realized that it will need to focus on scaling their application and infrastructure to both handle more traffic than originally expected as well as increase resiliency in the case of failures. Their business demands reliability, so we'll explore how Azure products can help with delivering it. In this session, you will learn about scaling our application and infrastructure for increased loads as well as how to distribute workloads with Azure Front Door and Azure Availability Zones to protect against localized failures.
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Unfortunately the attended decks of this sessions are empty. Could you please ask for the correct presentation of this sessions, thanks.


It looks like the slide deck is empty - please correct as time permits and re-upload - this would be very useful!

Your Slide Deck is corrupt. can you please update the powerpoint?


Can someone please fix the download link? Thank you.

Please upload the presentation again it is corrupt 

Link is broken 

Hi all,

Can you please describe what is happening?

I just tried it and it downloaded fine so some screenshots would be useful
Ah I see whats wrong, its not the download or the link that's broken, the underlying deck appears to have an issue. I will flag this with the content team and seek an update.
Thanks for the quick response and for looking into this Allen, much appreciated. FYI to anyone looking for the Ignite DC specific SRE40 deck, Allen advised that "The session from DC may have its own deck - if it does it will be posted with the session code GOV-SRE40 as soon as it become available."

Hi Allean,

any follow up on this?


The first notification message of broken ppx is dated back 2 months ago!


Thank you in advance.



Unfortunately it wasn't until we were emailed about this that we discovered the problem. There is no new decks yet and as soon as there are I will update the thread. 



Yep. Looking for the deck from ignite London. Jennifer Davis @sigje

@Microsoft Ignite Slide deck for the presentation is missing.

@AS Any chance we might see a renewed upload of the slides for this subject?

Will the PowerPoint slides for this session be made available to us?

@Microsoft Ignite -- can you please upload the PPT presentation for this session? Thank you!

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