Running Machine Learning experiments on inventory management

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Keeping the right products on the shelves, in the right places, is essential to keeping customers happy. Products that aren't on shelves don't get sold! In this presentation we’ll show you how Tailwind Traders built a digital vision system that can observe shelves with a camera, automatically alerting store managers when shelves need restocking or reorganizing. Tailwind had a choice of using a prebuilt AI system with Azure's Cognitive Services, but we opted to create our own model instead using Azure Machine Learning. In this session, we'll show you how and why we made that decision, and also how we use the Azure Machine Learning system to experiment with different model types and optimize to find the best one.
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Hey folks, I'm looking forward to presenting this session in Johannesburg. The slides I'll be using are a little different than those you download on the right, but I've attached my version of the slides here. If you have any questions after the session, you can find me at the Ask The Experts booth 2pm-3:30pm on Tuesday, or feel free to ask questions here too.

looking forward for the session to implement in my scnerio

The session recording is now available here as recorded in Amsterdam as part of Microsoft Ignite | The Tour. Let @aribornstein know how you think he did! You can find the deck under 'Session Resources' up above.

Dear Team,
I attained MS Ignite in person today but not be able to get the code module in GIT please upload
Please upload DAT40 lab files in GIT hub it's not there
David Can you please upload the code module of 40 and 50 in Git please
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