Modernizing your application with containers and Serverless

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Tailwind Traders actively encourages its development team to explore new ideas with our skunkworks program. Developers are free to write code and solve problems using virtual machines hosted with Microsoft Azure, but when those solutions are adopted, it’s time to move them into a more scalable and secure environment. In this session, we’ll show you how we move an application from a virtual machine into scalable containers on Azure, gaining deployment flexibility and repeatable builds. You’ll also learn how to store application secrets in Azure’s KeyVault service, making it easier for your application to access business critical data. Finally, you’ll see how to add functionality to your existing API using Serverless Functions.
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looks like slides are not latest...

Where do you use the slides ? I don't see any slides on this page

Check “session resources” section in the right side...

I don't see any session resources... (ctrl-f did not find any either)

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