Live events and employee engagement with Yammer, Stream, and SharePoint

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Company leaders recognize the need to transform their workforce, and organizations where employees are truly engaged report improved employee retention, customer satisfaction, sales metrics, and overall profitability. Microsoft 365 delivers the modern workplace and solutions that help you engage employees across organizational boundaries, generations and geographies, so you can empower your people to achieve more. Learn how SharePoint, Yammer and Stream work together to empower leaders to connect with their organizations, communicators to keep people informed, and people across the organization to engage with each other, share learning and best practices, and improve employee experience
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Great talk! Are the slides available? If yes, where?

From Microsoft Ignite The Tour in Berlin


TeamsTalk my talk with Dan Holme, Director of Product Marketing at Microsoft for SharePoint Yammer and MicrosoftStream. about Leadership Engagement with SharePoint, Yammer and Microsoft Stream, Stream Live Events and Enterprise Video.


Slides and the recording from Amsterdam are available now!
Hi! Thanks for the info :)

Do you have a link to the slides?

Also, great job of keeping my question in mind after all this time, i really appreciate the dedication :)
Click 'Download Session Presentation' up the top right under 'Session Resources'.

@Anna ChuI see, i was just blind. Thanks a ton!

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