Hands-on with Modern Desktop deployment: deploying Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus

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In this 2.5 hour instructor led lab get hands-on experience using Modern Desktop deployment tools and processes to deploy both Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus. We’ll start by diving into Office 365 ProPlus deployment using the new Office Customization Tool and setup a Known Folder Migration to OneDrive. Then we’ll configure our OS task sequencing in Configuration Manager and setup a Windows AutoPilot deployment profile with Intune. Finally we’ll wrap things up by configuring our servicing within Configuration Manager while exploring options on how to optimize your network to run Windows and Office as a Service.

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Os instrutores nos falaram que o ambiente virtual iria ficar disponível por 30 dias, onde posso encontrá-lo?



MS Ignite Tour finds me in Toronto  - but I found it is no longer possible to add the Jan 11th 09:30 - 11:50 workshop facilitated by Brian Bork, John Gruszczyk and Habib Mankal  to My Schedule.  Stand-By is fine for now I guess, but I'd love if either of the presenters or @Microsoft Ignite could try and fit me in. My registration confirmation for the event did not get delivered on time. 
Vladan Phil Filipovic


Was attending Ignite in Tel Aviv, but I'm unable to find the slides \ access the lab from here, any idea where can I get them from?

Hi! I will get the deck posted here shortly, thank you for your patience and attending the Microsoft Ignite | The Tour!

Greetings! How do we access the labs? Our presentation was cut by an hour and we were told "Don't worry about it, you'll have access to the labs for 30 days."

Hi! If you go into your Microsoft Ignite | The Tour portal you'll be able to see the same lab launch link and can access the lab again from there. Thanks!

Hi John, I went into the portal but I don't see any link to start the lab. Maybe I'm in the wrong spot? Thanks!

Hi John,

I went back into the https://washington-dc.myignitetour.techcommunity.microsoft.com/m/Sessions/Details/71067?returnPage=3... page, which I guess is where I should go. I don't see anything on the session page itself. Or in My Schedule, or anywhere else. Can you be extremely specific about how to access the lab?

Attend this session in a city near you

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