Consolidating infrastructure with Azure Kubernetes Service

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Kubernetes is a new, open source container orchestration system that supercharges applications. The technology unlocks advanced features like A/B testing, Blue/Green deployments, canary builds, and dead-simple rollbacks. This session demonstrates taking your containerized application and deploying it to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). You’ll walk away with a deep understanding of major Kubernetes concepts and how to put it all to use with industry standard tooling.
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got the link to code?... i'm here because of this info from the slide

pic code link.png

Really interesting session.... Brian is great and his presentation is simply superb... :-)

Couldn't be more agreed on that. Very engaging and very informative with great demo! It's probably the best 2 sessions I've attended throughout the 2 days at MS Ignite Tour - Singapore. Thanks Brian (@bketelsen)!

@Microsoft Ignite   Interesting session on Kubernetes in Amsterdam by Erik St Martin.
Unfortunately the presentation download does not contain all the slides used by Erik.
He had added a nice explanation on Kubernetes which I really liked and would like to re-read....

Is it possible to share these slides??


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