Configuring Azure Information Protection to protect your sensitive data

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There are several information protection solutions available in Microsoft 365 to help you protect your most important data. Come and take a hands-on tour of using Azure Information Protection (AIP) to configure data classification and labeling policies along with protection actions – and how to monitor incidents. In this lab you will be able to configure a policy in the Azure Information Protection portal and see how it actually affects the client’s behavior, as well as learning the best way to achieve your organization’s data protection requirements with AIP.
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where I can find the session PPT?

Hi. The presenter did not show up for this session. Looking for workshop files?
Can it be downloaded?

As the entire lab was expected to take 2 hours, was told this would be made available for the next 30 days. Where can I find a link to the lab?

We are not going to see it. 
The always ake these promises and you never get it. 

The presenters always say you can contact them but as soon as they get a good rating they disappear. 

I've registered and attended this session on Feb 20,21 in Hong Kong, just wondering how can I retrieve the lab for my further learning within 30 days?

@Microsoft Ignite 


Hello! I attended this session at ignite Dubai on the 29th  and was told the Lab would be available to attendees online here for 30 days. Would appreciate instructions on access as I need to complete the LAB

Attend this session in a city near you

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