BRK2542 How to Adopt, Manage and Succeed with M365 - Stockholm edition

Simon Denton



This is the deck we used for the session in Stockholm.


The session was a little different to previous tour stops as we changed the format to focus more upon customer experience. We hope you found it useful.


Thank you for all of the feedback. I know it was a little Office 365 biased and so we'll make some adjustments for the future. As promised in the session below are the links to all of the resources we called out along the way:


  • Drive your adoption of Windows and Office 365 by recognizing personalization and leveraging the accessibility tools built into the products. You'll be surprised by how engaged your users become when they discover these sometimes hidden benefits. 
  • The methodology used in the Adopt Microsoft Teams guide is fairly generic and as such can be applied in different scenarios.
  • The Adoption Guide and Workbook provides a framework within which you can operate. Just make sure you tailor it to match your specific scenarios!
  • The Driving Adoption Community is your place to collaborate with, share and learn from others on the similar journeys. Don't forget to use the wider Tech Community to focus on specific areas.
  • The Productivity Library and the Transform site contain scenarios and resources to help plan your transformation. The Fast Track team are available to help as well. Don't rule out partner support - there are some amazing ones out there

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