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As you explore our Microsoft Ignite | The Tour content and dive into the learning paths and session catalog, you’ll learn about Tailwind Traders, a forward-thinking retail business with a diverse set of needs. We created this business to highlight various challenges real-world organizations face as they modernize and transform. The challenges should be familiar to you and your business even if the details differ.


Tailwind Traders’ business has technology at its heart—it blends the ease of online shopping with the familiarity of a mom-n-pop corner hardware store – and is quickly making a name for itself in the relatively new virtual hardware market. Like many modern organizations, it has evolving internal and external technology needs, and it approaches each moment of transformation with confidence.


The company hosts its entire infrastructure on Microsoft Azure, and serves as the blueprint for modern retail. All its processes: from the machine learning algorithms to the recommendation engines and even the checkout process – it's all done in the cloud.


TailWindhorizon.JPGThe Tailwind Traders Logo 

When you see references to Tailwind Traders, you’re seeing examples of very real issues like cloud migration and data analytics brought to life so it’s easier to see its relevance to other organizations—including your own. These stories are built on real successes achieved by Microsoft partners and customers, and we think you’ll find them helpful as you prepare to face new challenges.


We hope you see you at a Microsoft Ignite | The Tour in a city near you. To learn more about the event and Tailwind Traders, visit our website!