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We’re excited to support micro-networking on Microsoft Ignite | The Tour and will be hosting Community Meetings at the event.


What are Community Meetings?

Community Meetings are 60min meetings bookable by any registered attendee to host a public or private meeting (6 person maximum capacity). You must have registered for the respective city for which you are requesting a Community Meeting.


Who can book a Meeting Pod for a Community Meeting?

Any Microsoft Ignite | The Tour attendee can reserve a Community Meeting! We invite you to reserve one of four available Meeting Pods at designated times to host small Community Meetings. You are welcome to host multiple Community Meetings based on your availability. All requests are considered on a first-come, first-served basis. Repeats will not be honored if it prevents another Community Meeting from being scheduled.


Is this a session?

No, these Community Meetings are designed to give attendees a chance to meet with other community members, employees, clients, or other attendees and can be either public or private (this is determined by the person hosting the meetings). They take place at the Meeting Pods within the Microsoft Showcase as shown in the tweets below.


See the Community Meetings in action:



The Meeting Pods:

  • Seat a maximum of 6 individuals, but 4 comfortably including the host. Not designed for large audiences. There will be 4 Meeting Pods in total.
  • Include a Surface Hub for use to present content.
  • Feature a table with dry erase markers for ‘whiteboarding’.
  • Can be booked at specific 60min timeslots to host Community Meetings (See below on instructions to book)
  • Will have a sign designating if the meeting is Private or Public.
  • Will be managed by the Community Concierge onsite. The Host and Attendees will need to check in with the Community Concierge at the Microsoft Tech Community Desk.

How do I book a Community Meeting? Meeting Pods can be reserved onsite, but we invite you to make a reservation early using the details below while timeslots are still available.


Reserving a Meeting Pod to host a Community Meeting in advance:

  1. Complete a form based on the city you plan to attend:




Jan 10-11


Jan 16-17

Tel Aviv

Jan 22-23


Jan 28-29


Jan 31 - Feb 1

Washington DC

Feb 4-5


Feb 13-14

Hong Kong

Feb 20-21


Feb 26-27


Mar 20-21


Mar 27-28


Apr 3-4

Mexico City

Apr 10-11


Apr 24-25


May 22-23


  1. Wait to receive a confirmation that your reservation has been secured or if you are on a waitlist. Meeting requests will be sent to confirm your reservation on a first-come, first-served basis.

You can also reserve a Meeting Pod onsite, please meet our friendly Community Concierge at the Tech Community Booth in the Microsoft Showcase.


How do I promote Community Meetings?

Due to the limited capacity of the Meeting Pods, Community Meetings will not be published in the Schedule Builder. As the host, it is up to you to ensure your attendees are aware and turn up to your scheduled meeting. You can publish your meeting on social media (and if you are a speaker, this is a good opportunity for you to host discussions post-session) but please ask attendees check-in with the Community Concierge at the Microsoft Tech Community booth so they know which Meeting Pod is allocated to your meeting and which Community Meetings is are at full capacity.


Please note that you should first register for the event before making your reservation. Registration is open across most cities via https://www.microsoft.com/ignitethetour. We’re excited to offer this opportunity to all people attending Microsoft Ignite | The Tour. Get started by registering then make your reservations today!


See you on the Tour!

  • Microsoft Tech Community Team


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