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Hello all.

Just staring this theread to share any Ignite 2017 app issues. (All platforms apply).

Since Sunday evening (Amsterdam CET),  I am getitng connection error like this on my iOS Ignit app.




An error occured trying to reach

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Only just installed it and after initial sync, it now repeatedly pops up with the same error as you are seeing

Not sure if i'm facing the same problem but my (ios) app constantly displayes "the token used for this request had expired". Any idea what's causing this annoying error?

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Yes, I'm seeing that too. Constant connection errors.

It hasn't sync'd for me since 9/15.

Hi all,


I am in search of a Microsoft Companion Pass for the Microsoft Ignite Conference Celebration in Orlando this year. I just booked my husband's flight and had no idea that the companion passes were sold out :(. If anyone is willing to sell theirs, p

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Hello April,


My friend is to sick to travel so I have one left.

I can help you with this.





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Last year I used the Ignite app a lot, in my preparation. When will the 2016 app be updated to 2017? Or will there be a new app released?


Thanks, Mike

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Seems the iPhone app will only accept LinkedIn or Microsoft Account. What if we registered with our Office 365 Account?

iOS app was released this morning.



The app in the Google play store was updated August 23. 

Here is a link to the the app in the Google Play store.

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Yes, the app has been updated, but if you don't have it already, where is located in the Play store...hard to find!
I just got an update for Android this morning for Ignite 2017. It looks like it works like it did in previous years. It will sync your Schedule Builder data. it also has ... Read More

Everyone here in Redmond is wildly busy gearing up for Microsoft Ignite next week!


On Tuesday (Sept. 26) everyone at Ignite is invited to come take a ride with Brad Anderson from 11am to 2pm.


You can ask him absolutely anything, and he will post this

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Apologies if this seems sophmoric or self serving, but I am always curious what sorts of things people like. I am just an attendee, no marketing or agenda here...


I loved collecting the emoji buttons last year. It was a great way to get me to visit a bunc

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Favorite is laptop bags or backpacks, free technology, free tech books, next t-shirts but they never have woman's shirts, lastly gadgets...never pens the quality of them

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The spirit of acquisition grows strong in me the moment the Expo Hall opens. That said, the things I loved the best were:


  • Laser keyboard from the Microsoft Tech Community
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Thanks @Greg McMurray!  Good to know what swag you loved at last year's event.  At Microsoft Ignite there will be a lot of swag everywhere!  You should visit Hall C to fi

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Is there a map, or layout available for Ignite?

I downloaded a copy of the OCCC floor plan, and I've seen a couple of vendors post map snippets of their location, but I'm looking for something more complete.





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My iOS Ignite App update just rolled in - and now has maps under each session! Also, I am seeing a 'Directions to here' option along with 'Find me' ... looks like these o

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If you are on Android and still dont see the map. Try a forced update from the Installed Apps list in the play store app. If it's still not there just un-install and inst

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The weird thing is that weeks ago the map was sent off to be printed for distribution to you in your attendee swag as the conference booklet.  So clearly it's out there;

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A coworker sent this to me, it's a 3 panel Power BI with detailed OCCC layouts for each building and floor; that lets you map your session locations and even gives estima

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This will be my first Ignite, and I will be attending solo. Beyond what I have read in the various blogs/posts, any tips tricks on how to get the most out of the confrence? 


What's the best way to get 'plugged-in' into the social aspect of the community?


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Hello fellow ignitees,


I am very excited to attend Ignite this year.  I plan on attending the attendee celebration at univiersal studios and went to purchase a companion pass but couldnt since they are already sold out.  Is there anyone here who knows the

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Same here! Has anyone found out any information about if we can buy these at the event?

Make your rounds on the expo floor and talk to your vendors. There are multiple vendors that leave early and hence wont use their pass.
I am in the same boat as everyone else on this thread. If you or someone you know no longer needs their companion pass, please let me know. I will buy it from you. Thank ... Read More
Think we need to create a meetup for those needing a pass like me and those who have one spare!

Same here. If anyone is willing to part with theirs, please contact me!

Hi everyone,

I am searching for a companion pass for the Microsoft Ignite Celebration on Thursday, 9/28. My wife finished up a project earlier than expected and is now joining me on this trip. She is a big Harry Potter fan and was very excited about the ev

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With 700+ sessions to choose from at Ignite, you might be starting to consider which would be best to attend. As you look to amplify your organization’s use of cloud with innovative business applications, take a look at the following list we created. We’r

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Do you love developing for the cloud and mobile deployment? Are you considering which sessions at Ignite to attend? If you answered yes to either of these questions, we’re here to help. We’ve gone through 700+ sessions and picked 5 sessions focused on Dev

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Attending #msignite and trying to decide how you are going to view the Vision Keynote? @PatchandSwitch break down the options and unveil who their guests will be for the "Morning Show" viewing option in Hall E1!


Full Video over on Channel 9 - https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Patch-And-Switch/Road-to-Microsoft-Ignite-Keynote-Viewing-Options 

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See the competition here.
PLEASE NOTE:  It is your sole responsibility to comply with your employer’s gift policies.  If your participation vio

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It can be quite the conundrum to uncover answers about Azure Data and AI from among 700+ sessions. But we’ve got you covered. To help you identify sessions, we pored through the sessions to identify the top 5 sessions (plus a bonus) that will best equip y

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Don’t miss these Azure infrastructure sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2017

As you prepare for the big event later this month, naturally you’re deciding which of 700+ Azure sessions would be best for you, the cloud leader in your organization. We put together

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We’re getting the Tech Community ready for Microsoft Ignite – it will be the place where you can find the PowerPoint decks and recordings after Microsoft Ignite 2017 has concluded in Orlando Florida. As we did in 2016, we will be loading session abstracts

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Maddie, it seems to me that there are two broad content constituencies on this site: sessions blurbs and updates, and attendee topics/concerns (packing, prepping, and com

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Speaking of content and recordings...


Could you let us know if all sessions, including half-hour ones, will be recorded and uploaded?  If not all, which ones?    In the p

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Looking forward to content , but can not visit the scene
I'd like to know when the certification information and vouchers be available soon. Some of us international exhausted their budget on Ignite travel, and so some vouchers... Read More
I've worked in IT for nearly 20 years & this will be my first conference. I live in Perth, Western Australia so I picked a big trip for my first. I can't wait to meet lik... Read More

Does anyone know of any, or have any meetups planned for Infrastructure/Cloud/whatever Architect or other similar roles at Ignite? 


This is my first full week attendance at Ignite and am excited to meet others in similar roles to network, swap ideas or ju

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I am not sure of any meetups, but I'm definetly interested. Anyone willing to join us?

We would like to invite you to a special one-hour focus group during Ignite. Your thoughts, opinions and guidance would be very much appreciated as we look for ways to improve Azure Training programs for IT Professionals. Please see the times below and le

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Sign me up.

Dear Ignite visitors,

After some digging in with blogs on BornToLearn and exam sites, I discovered that Certification exam discounts are already in place, but it was not very publicized.

So I'm happy to share the news, the discounts are in place. Here are t

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Great Post. I will be working in the Certification Central area. So if you are taking an exam and have any certification questions, stop by and see me. I will be there fr

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Hi guys, I know everyone has his favorite packing tips, and it would be great if we share it. I put my favorite packing tips in this post. Please add your comments with your own tips.



What to pack for Microsoft Ignite 1.PNG

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@Margaret Rogers If you don't have business cards you could get them printed same day at Staples or online with some company like Vistaprint. you could design a logo on y... Read More

What do you use if you don't have business cards to hand out? 

Check out @Laura Rogers' tips as shared on the Microsoft Ignite Facebook page!


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Hi everyone, thanks for all your contributions. Here is a list of articles about Ignite that can help out too:


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You might also want to check out @Jonathan McKinney's guide to Microsoft Ignite.


I would also add to his 'Taking Notes' recommendation that you look at the 'Trip Report

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I’m Christian Buckley, Founder & CEO of CollabTalk, an independent research and technical marketing services company, and an Office Servers & Services MVP since 2012.


Christian Buckley - MVP and Microsoft Ignite Community ReporterChristian Buckley - MVP and Microsoft Ignite Community Reporter

Born and raised in the Sa

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Great idea to have you as an official community reporter at Ignite. Stop by the SharePoint booth during the Welcome Reception and I'd be open to an interview.

Great advice for first-time attendees, Christian! Looking forward to seeing you at Ignite.

Congrats Christian. You will do a great job. See you in Orlando

Anyone know of a way to sort the 1500+ Ignite sessions by "date added?" The home page of "MyIgnite" lists some recent changes but not all. I'd like to be able to see newly added sessions without having to search through all of them every time. Thanks!

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Two years ago when I attended they had a "New Session" tag, but it appears they didn't do that this year.  I wish they had kept it since the home page only shows the last

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I’m Laura Rogers, and I love SharePoint and Office 365!  I’ve been a Microsoft MVP since 2011, and have authored several books over the years.


Laura Rogers - MVP and Microsoft Ignite Community ReporterLaura Rogers - MVP and Microsoft Ignite Community Reporter

My passion is automating business processes using form

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Glad you're an official reporter, @Laura Rogers! Can't wait to catch up in Orlando.

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...and not just because I'm in it!


Put Mining Yammer data for gold using Microsoft Power BI on your schedule because:


  1. Yes, you can actually show the value of Yammer, and quite easily, too—if you have the right tools.
  2. You want the real deal about Yammer: Ca
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Demos of at least 4 different ways to mine data, with stories for each! This is going to be a good one.