The Road to #MSIgnite Interview Series

Dux Raymond Sy

The Road to #MSIgnite Interview Series

Hey, y'all! How are you doing? Hope you're having a fantastic summer! While I certainly enjoyed the R&R in the last month, I am excited and looking forward to Microsoft Ignite in a few weeks! Make sure you tune in as we have so much goodness lined up for Microsoft Ignite.


In preparation for Microsoft Ignite, I'd like to present the latest Dux Quax interview series "The Road to #MSIgnite". You'll get to hear from industry movers and shakers as they share the latest on SharePoint, Office 365, Azure and what to expect from Microsoft Ignite.


For the first installment of this series, I had the privilege to drive around the Microsoft campus in Redmond with Jeff Teper, corporate vice president of Office, OneDrive and SharePoint. I still recall the first time I spoke with Jeff at SharePoint Conference 2011 where he shared how SharePoint came to be and last year at Microsoft Ignite 2016 where he was giving a sneak peak of what's to come with SharePoint and OneDrive.


I'm so grateful that I get to talk to Jeff again and  discuss what to expect in the future from SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Office ahead of #MSIgnite! Enjoy!



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Let me know what you think!

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Re: The Road to #MSIgnite with @JeffTeper: Future of SharePoint, OneDrive & Office

Love these carpool interviews @Dux Raymond Sy! Keep them coming!

Re: The Road to #MSIgnite Interview Series

Hello! I'm so excited to finally connect with @Anne Michels, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Office 365, who is very passionate about ensuring customers have visibility into their Office 365 Usage and Adoption. In this episode of "The Road to #MSIgnite",  Anne and I discuss her background, the value of having visibility into your Office 365 tenant and Microsoft Ignite.


I hope you enjoy this episode and don't miss Anne's sessions at Microsoft Ignite! Danke schön!


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Re: The Road to #MSIgnite Interview Series

Thanks, @Dux Raymond Sy for the fun interview. We should totally do car interviews more often!

Looking forward to seeing you all at Ignite!


Re: The Road to #MSIgnite Interview Series

This is great, nice job! Looking forward to saying hello to you both at Ignite. Love to catch you @Anne Michels for a Women in SharePoint podcast. Love to get on your calendar. Cheers! 

Re: The Road to #MSIgnite Interview Series

Would love to! Feel free to reach out to me via email closer to Ignite.

Re: The Road to #MSIgnite Interview Series

Technical communities have been essential to the growth of the Microsoft ecosystem. I've had the great opportunity to help organize SharePoint Saturday in the early days of its' inception, participate as a speaker in various user groups like DC Azure Gov meetup, and support new community groups like aOS Community. Through these community involvement, I have learned so much from industry experts, enabled me to give back to the broader community, and expanded my professional network, which often leads to business opportunities.


What's even better is Microsoft's commitment and support to the community by sponsoring events and meetings, providing swags and even sending speakers. Last year, to put icing on the cake, Microsoft Tech Community was launched. This online community serves as the central hub to facilitate engagement amongst Microsoft, customers and the broader community.  Check out my conversation with Anna Chu last year as she highlighted the launch.


I had the great privilege to catchup with @Anna Chu to learn about the latest with the Microsoft Tech Community, what Microsoft has in store for the community at Microsoft Ignite and what the Microsoft Ignite community reporter program is all about.


Sit back, relax and enjoy another episode of “The Road to #MSIgnite!


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Re: The Road to #MSIgnite Interview Series


At Build 2017, I was blown away with the keynote demo by Yina Arenas and Harry Shum where they showed the power of Microsoft AI through real-time translation capabilities. What you might not know is that @Yina Arenas is known as the Microsoft Graph mom - she is taking Office and Microsoft APIs from legacy and disjointed technologies to a new, unified API world.


I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with her about the latest and greatest on Microsoft Graph and what her team has in store for Microsoft Ignite.


Enjoy this latest episode of The Road to #MSIgnite interview series!


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Re: The Road to #MSIgnite Interview Series

For this installment, I'm privileged to be joined by @Seth Juarez, senior technical evangelist for Microsoft who also heads up Microsoft's Channel 9 content. Make sure you check out his show on Channel 9 where he meets MVPs around the world.


In addition, I'm so excited that Seth and I will be co-hosting a Microsoft Ignite Live online show on Day 1 of Microsoft Ignite. We'll bring the Microsoft Ignite action live from Orlando along with fellow Community Reporters to folks joining online. Also, for those attending Ignite, check out this catalog of sessions on the topics we cover in this video.


Join Seth and I on a smoky day in Redmond as we talk about all things Cloud, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Hope you enjoy!


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Re: The Road to #MSIgnite Interview Series

So much fun...great job Dux & Jeff!
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